Burn The Fat Build The Muscle

Burn The Fat Build The Muscle

For some men and women who are interested in bodybuilding, burn the fat build the muscle is being their main concerned on their life. They always try to get rid of their fat, because the fat makes their body unshaped and not beautiful. Meanwhile, building muscle also they do everyday. Their muscle is getting bigger everyday. In some part of their body, having big muscle is having aesthetic value. Therefore, all body builders, even men and women are trying to burn the fat at same time they build a muscle.

To burn the fat build the muscle is done in the different two steps. The first step is to burn the fat by decreasing calories intake to your body and eat food that can speed up your metabolism. The second step is to build your muscle by doing heavy work out and consume some amount of nutrients that required muscling growth. The result is based on how well and motivated you do al the training and diet. Remember when doing burn the fat build the muscle is based on personal goal. Everyone will not have muscle body that is very similar to others. So, before take the training session, you must decide what goal you want to achieve in the end of training.

To burn the fat build the muscle, you must have proper knowledge about your body. There are many cases when people doing uncontrolled diet and they lead to eating disorder behavior. And some people who don’t know how to have proper weight training and work out, they grow too big, and too muscular, and not beautiful anymore.

To build your muscle, people must be strong first. Have strong will and strong body to pull and push all the fitness equipments. To build a muscle, you need to eat up more protein but no fat. It’s quite hard because protein and fat are always together in the natural food. If you don’t feed your body the proper nutrients that it demands, it will get weaker. When your muscle weaker, your muscle will be getting smaller, and it called “Athrophy”. The Athrophy also can happen when you are not using your muscle for a long time. For example, for people who can’t walk, we can see their leg getting smaller, it called muscle athrophy.

Burn the fat build the muscle is like the opposite of training. While the burn fat part is reducing your calories intake, and the build muscle is having additional calories to your body. That’s why these two parts must be done in steps. Building muscle is not only in one day. You need to adjust your training schedule to slowly feed the new demands on your body.


How To Lose Weight in 1 Month : This is How We Did It

When it comes to learning how to lose weight in 1 month, there are some good methods where we can lose weight quickly. The fact is, losing weight in a very short amount of time is possible. There are some aspects people should know when they want to lose weight fast. For example, they should know on how to select a low calorie diet plan. It is important that we consume a balanced and completed diet. Eating the right type of food is the first thing that people should consider when it comes to losing weight fast.

How To Lose Weight in 1 Month
How To Lose Weight in 1 Month


What to Eat?

As mentioned earlier, losing weight in a very short amount of time is possible once we know the right methods. For further information, here are some good tips on how to lose weight:

  • It is important that we eat our foods slower. By eating foods slower, it will help our body take a higher percent of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  • Consuming 4 to 6 small meals and snacks everyday will be a very good idea when we want to lose weight less than 1 month. Through this way, it will help us keep the diet simple.
  • Choosing the right type of foods such as vegetables, fruits, nonfat dairy products, beans, low fat, and also low fat meals.
  • When choosing foods, we need to avoid consuming foods that are high in calories and fat
  • The other thing we should do is to avoid consuming foods that are high in sugars such as pies, candy bars, pastries and candy

With these tips, everyone will be able to lose weight in a very short amount of time without the need to take medical treatments.


Many people out there want to lose weight fast especially for those who are concerned with their appearance. Aside from those tips, it is also important to consider doing some physical exercises. Diet and exercise will help us lose weight fast naturally. Here are some exercises people can consider when they want to lose weight naturally:

  • Spinning: Doing this kind of exercise is quite effective to help you burn more calories.
  • Hindu squats: This is another good exercise people can consider when they want to lose weight fast. What people should do is to squat up and down as fast as possible.



By knowing some tips mentioned earlier, we will realize that burning more calories and lose weight fast can be done without undergoing medical treatments. The fact is, we can lose weight fast in a more natural way. All we should do is to start a healthy lifestyle and consume right foods. Fruits and vegetables should be included in our diet plan. After knowing some tips on how to lose weight in 1 month, many people will realize that they can get rid of weight problems in a natural way.

What is the best way to burn fat rapidly?

best way to burn fat

What is the best way to burn fat rapidly? This question has been delivered by thousands people around the world and hundreds or maybe thousands answer have been give also. The majority answers say that exercise or workout is the best way to burn fat. This idea is particularly right because exercise is one way to burn our fat. However, we must notice that exercise does not stand alone to get a great or significant result of burning your fat.

To make your effort of burning your fat away, you have to make kind of combination from several aspects which exercise also includes in one of those aspects. Basically there are three main aspects that can be applied as the best way to burn fat fast or rapidly. Those aspects are self motivation or commitment, exercise, and diet. By combining those three aspects, it probably can answer the question that reads what the best way to burn fat rapidly is.

Let us start from the very beginning aspect of answering the question that says “What is the best way to burn fat rapidly?” Self motivation or people might say commitment is the foundation that will make all your effort of burning fat work. Without any strong desire you have, it will be impossible to achieve what you want. You will be find it difficult when you come into second or might be third week of your workout. Yet, with the strong desire or commitment, I believe, you will be able to pass it through and you willing will come true.

For some people self motivation and commitment are different things. They tend to differentiate those two things. We have already known that commitment is something that becomes a foundation in order to gain something. On the other hand, self motivation—for people who consider that this term is different from commitment—is kind of suggestion. The example of self motivation is eliminating the word “not” from your dictionary. Instead of saying I am not allowed to stay late, you must say I have to go to bed early.

The second aspect that will answer the question “what is the best way to burn fat rapidly?” is exercise or workout. The most common advice given by professionals or trainers to burn the fat is cardio exercise. This kind of exercise is believed to burn your fat faster than any kind of exercises, Associated with commitment as the first aspect of burning fat, you have to combine these two aspects in order to get maximum result. As stated afore that people tend to feel bored or even hard to do the routines. To keep you in the right track, you must have strong commitment.

The last aspect that answers the question of “what is the best way to burn fat rapidly?” is diet. It is almost impossible to burn your fat without regarding to diet. You need nutrition, not something that makes you feel full. Eat something with low carbohydrate and consuming protein is the most recommended one. You have to drink water instead of soft drink, or any alcoholic beverages.


Effective Ways To Build Muscle Helps to Burning Fat

Muscle building has long been performed all over the globe. Men have researched and generated many techniques and approaches to increase their muscle size. Many forms of exercises and devices are also developed to support the effort of building muscle. While many people still performing weight training without other knowledge to build their muscle, science has found that there are several effective ways to build muscle which give better result through guided techniques and approaches.

Ways To Build Muscle


Weight training is the primary element of muscle building. Perhaps this technique is the most well known and popular among muscle builders. Weight training is the main key to increase muscle mass for any technique and approach, it is obvious that someone is impossible to get their muscle built without performing weight training. Therefore weight training should be included in any method of muscle building.

Yet there are many people who still cannot perform this training effectively since they only believe that the harder and the more frequently they train the better the result will be. This belief is not totally wrong but it is also not recommended to follow though. First of many ways to build muscle is to keep the weight training in proper and appropriate schedule. Your body is not a machine that gets stronger by training everyday. Body needs to get enough time to recover. In fact in the recovery period, our muscle grows effectively.

Muscle growth is not solely resulted only from weight training. Our body is also like a building, if we want to make a building to become bigger, as a consequence we should prepare enough materials. The more materials we prepare the bigger our building will be. Another important step of ways to build muscle is by supplying enough nutrients needed by the body to increase the muscle mass like protein which serves as the builder of the muscle, carbohydrate which serves to give energy for weight training and also vitamins, fat and other important nutrients to keep body fit.

Some problems that occur most to those who want to increase their muscle mass is the problem of muscle mass development. By performing weight training their body starts to get into the wanted shape but their muscle mass does not increase considerably. In many cases, some people even get a good shape but they lost their weight from the training although they have trained regularly and appropriately and also consume foods in good proportion. This can happen because of the ineffective nutrients absorption. Effective nutrients absorption is one of many ways to build muscle.

For better and effective nutrients absorption, some people sometimes consume foods and beverages that pump up or boost the metabolism of the body so that they will have better nutrients absorption. This method is legal as long as the food or the drink that is consumed to boost the body metabolism do not give negative side effect. One simple way to boost body metabolism is by doing cardiovascular sports like running, swimming, and many other sports. Those are some important ways to build muscle that should be paid attention at for those who want to get better muscle building result.

Weight Gaining Diets Contribute to Better Body Building

Weight Gaining DietsWeight gaining diets have become trend nowadays not only for athletes to get their optimal weight but also for everybody who want to get better shape of body. While physical training has been proven to greatly boost the effectiveness of weight gaining, the diets for weight gaining still hold the most important role in weight gaining process. Proper diets will effectively support the increase for the muscle mass which is the most essential part of weight gaining.

The function of selecting proper weight gaining diets is to supply the nutrition which is needed for the body to increase muscle mass. Without appropriate choices of food, the body will be difficult to gain significant buildup. Increasing the portion that is normally consumed is essential but not all kinds of food can be consumed to support weight gaining. There are also some foods that should be avoided because they will just increase the fat in the body.

Some important keys for weight gaining diets should be strictly endured. The following discussion will show you those keys for weight gaining along with the explanation to give you clear reason behind weight gaining.

  1. Increasing food portion

First key in weight gaining diets is increasing your normal food portions. Normally people eat three to four times a day. If you want to get better result of weight gaining you need to increase your portion up to five or six times of foods a day. By increasing the portion you take in a day it means you give your body more calories to burn. Increase your calorie intake up to minimum 1000 calories a day to get optimal weight gaining result.

  1. Increasing muscle mass not the fat

There is one false conception of weight gaining diets. In weight gaining, the most essential part is by increasing the mass of muscle in our body not the fat. Increasing fat in your body can also affect the total amount of your body weight but it also gives you high chance to get some critical disease such as heart attack, cancer, diabetes etc. Therefore you should avoid foods that contain fat and oil. Avoid fried and grilled foods as they contain high fat.

  1. Mind your nutrition intake

Many people increase their consumption of food which contains protein. They believe their muscle will grow bigger if they greatly boost the supply of protein into their body. The fact is, you need to balance your nutrition intake. While it is true that protein can enhance the muscle growth, you should also provide enough amount of carbohydrate to supply energy needed for you your muscle to grow by exercising.

Weight Gaining Diets


  1. Choose Liquid over solid food

If you can provide all foods you need to consume everyday in the form liquid, it will give better result for weight gaining because liquid is easily processed and absorbed by your body. Although it is impossible to change your breakfast, lunch and dinner into liquid, you can still add the amount of nutritional drink in your consumption list. Milk, fruit juice, sport beverages are the best example of nutritional drink for your weight gaining diets


Some tips on how to gain weight quickly

This world is so funny. Some people are almost dying to lose their weight, while the others are crazy in gaining weight. However, these phenomena are commonly found in the world because nothing is perfect and people are keen on looking for the perfectness. Talking about burning fat or losing weight is common to be discussed because most of people in the world have problem with obesity. Since there are only few of people talking about gaining weight, we will talk about some tips on how to gain weight quickly. It cannot be denied that there are some people that do their best to gain weight and have proper body shape, especially men.

how to gain weight quickly

To be honest, gaining weight is almost similar to losing weight. There are three major aspects that will influence your effort to gain weight. Those three aspects are motivation, diet, and exercise. The only difference between the three aspects given is priority. People who want to lose their weight tend to put exercise in number two because it, maybe, will influence better than diet. Yet, in gaining weight we have to put diet in the second place because it is the most common problem that is faced by those who are considered as thin.

The first and the most important aspects on how to gain weight quickly are motivation or self motivation. This is your ultimate foundation in order to be success in gaining your weight. No one, except you, can influence you to do what you really want or need. Before you step into the next tip, you must have intention to gain your weight. Promise yourselves that you do the best to make your dream in gaining weight come true. If it is not enough, you can write it down put it in your chest or your room, so that you can read it every time you pass it.

Second is diet. The diet that you should eat in order to gain weight quickly is almost similar to lose weight. Protein is a must in every menu that you have in your meal time. Without consuming enough protein, your dream and question about how to gain weight quickly are nonsense. Fast food and any instant food are not suggested at all. They will not gain your weight, but it will cause disease for you. Another thing is water. Drinking water will help you to increase your metabolism. The better metabolism you have, the faster you gain weight.

The last is exercise. Your nutrition means nothing if you do not use it properly. Doing exercises or workouts will help you to increase your metabolism. By doing workouts it will help your organs to distribute your nutrition even faster than you does not do any exercises. Again, workouts have strong relationship with the first tips. Without any strong commitment or motivation, it will be impossible for you to do a regular workout. So, start your great plan with strong commitment, then choose the right diet, and finish it with routine exercises. By combining those three tips, your question about “how to gain weight quickly” will be answered.

Practical Method of How to Burn Fat Fast

How to Burn Fat FastHaving ideal body shape and weight is the dream of most people nowadays. Not only it is good for all the eyes that look at to it but also for the sake of health. Modern life style, fast foods and bad health habits have caused many people to gain overweight nowadays, they keep eating unhealthy foods and maintaining harmful life style. When those bad habits continue and undergone for a long time, they realize that they have turned overweight. In this situation many people seek instant way of how to burn fat fast so they will go back to their ideal proportion.

Some people, especially women then spend money to go for surgery to remove fat from their body. The method is dangerous and even when they survive from the death risk, there is left jowl-like skins over their body which is used to be filled with their fat. This method does not even guarantee that they will get fatter again.

New method of reducing fat has been developed. Although this method is as not fast as surgery this method is relatively fast compared to other method that normally conducted by many people. The method integrating strict diet program, sport activities and several brain-based activities. This method is proven to be effective for reducing fat quicker than other diet programs and sport activities. For those who are still searching way of how to burn fat fast, this method should answer their problem.

First step that should be considered is diet program. For people who want to remove and decrease their fat, the amount of foods which contains protein and fat should be decreased to the most minimal point. Some may ask why protein should be decreased, our body needs protein but it should be limited to the amount so that the muscle mass in the body will not expand during the diet program.

Since this program includes physical and brain works, the amount of carbohydrate that should be consumed should be kept in an appropriate amount. Carbohydrate functions as the source of the energy but when the amount is too much it will be stored as the spare energy in what you call as fat. Therefore considering what you eat is part of how to burn fat fast. Red rice is the best source of carbohydrate that does not contains sugar as high as normal rice, it also makes those who eat it full for quite long time.

Activities during diet program


Activities during diet program should also be considered. Some people do not get slimmer by doing only physical exercise, they also need to get their brain to work as well to optimize their metabolism, though this condition is rarely found. Reading, doing mathematic based games and other mind games are good example of activities that should be conducted, recommended before doing physical exercise.

Physical exercise or sport activities are the main key for burning fat. Cardiovascular sports like running, swimming, and aerobic exercises are the best sport to burn fat. This kind of activity needs to be performed regularly, if it is possible twice a day would give the best result. Those are the best steps of how to burn fat fast.

Fat Burners that Work: Thermogenic fat burn

What is fat-burning? Because of all the people or even those of you who have excess weight and want to burn fat, always use a fat burner without considering its effects. So, what destinations are used fat burners? Maybe for some people who believe that the fat burners that work better than having to train hard all day long and wait for the results that is the wrong thing. Because burning fat is a substance in the form of capsules, tablets or syrup containing Ephedra, HCA, Chitosan and Pyruvate are able to increase the level of metabolism or suppress your appetite quickly. So no need to train hard, you can already get the body you want.

However, have you seen the impact that may arise?

Because as you know that whatever you use as well, but if it was related to drugs, this certainly is not too good to be heard. Sure there are things hidden about it. That is why if you really intend to use it, then do not ever use it in the long time. Unless if you are concocting itself. Of course this will produce something much better, although it remains essentially have the same goal. Here are some fat burners that work the most popular and can be classified into the thermogenic fat burners, topical fat burner green tea and some other fat burning foods that do not I explain here. Namely:

  • Thermogenic Fat Burners

Fat burner is also known as metabolic optimization acting with little increase in body temperature. With a sense that this fat-burning metabolism you can speed up the process. So that food calories be burned more quickly to serve energy rather than stored as fat. Although these thermogenic fat burners has always worked all day even when you sleep.

  • Topical Fat Burners

Fat burners that work is provided on the body for two times a day in areas where cellulite or excessive fat tissue to dissolve fat that lies under the skin. As in the abdomen, thigh or anywhere else you want to burn fat. But keep in mind if you use it, then before making sure beforehand that the area you want to give this lotion should be the area clean and free of hair. As for its use, you can wear it with a polished manner.

  • Green Tea Fat Burners

green-teaMaybe for those of you who are in Japan, of course you are familiar with the use of the green. Because it has been for centuries many of those who have used it for healing, for his contributions, and to keep your health in order to remain good. And now there has been increasing evidence that green tea can be a powerful tool in the fight against fat. Because of green tea is a powerful source of caffeine and antioxidants. So that the fat in your body to be burned quickly.

Well that is a few things about fat burners that work that you should know. But keep in mind that most fat burners that have caffeine or other stimulants that can make your body be addicted. In addition, fat burners known to have all sorts of side effects including headache, insomnia (difficulty sleeping), depression, nausea, vomiting. That is why for a healthy weight loss, then use Proactol to help you lose weight.


What Exercises Burn Belly Fat: Diet Program for Burn Belly Fat

What exercises burn belly fat is certainly a thing that is often questionable for many people? Because it has a distended belly is a nightmare for everyone especially for women. Because of how not to be a nightmare, if one day when you are use a sexy clothes, your stomach look bloated and fluffy?

Is not that so funny? In addition, with a protruding belly or body fat, but it makes you unhealthy sexual attraction but you also will be lost. Well, talking about the kind of fat, you should know that there are two types of fat in the abdominal area. That visceral (where fat is stored deep inside your body that surrounds and protects your internal organs) and also subcutaneous a fat stored under your skin. So that your skin to vibrate when you try to jump up and below.

So what exercises burn belly fat?
Anyone know?

Yup, to find the best way to eliminate belly fat is actually very easy. Because you only need to eat properly is by eating the right foods. Then exercise regularly. or you can also add weight training and aerobic exercise to get rid of your body fat, as in some research who once declared that two things can help you to shape your body. Which it is also listed on the research published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. Where is in this study has compared the effectiveness of two exercise programs and diet.

What Exercises Burn Belly Fat


That is to group together in what exercises burn belly fat is to follow a diet program based on the traditional food guide pyramid (50-55% carbohydrate, 15-20% protein, less than 30% fat). And also do cardiovascular exercise 4-6 days per week at 50-75% of their maximum heart rate that lasts for 30-60 minutes at each practice. As for other programs, include of alternating days of resistance training and cardiovascular interval training for six days per week. But the question this time is how to measure changes in body fat accurately? Because is not very funny if we’ve been doing various things, but we do not know how big the changes that occur in your body.

Well to answer your questions, will be established DEXA. It is a relatively accurate and reliable way to measure changes in your body fat. So what do you do about what exercises burn belly fat is to be not in vain, right? So now what are you waiting? Want to do the exercise now or another day? If you really intend to do so, then you should do consistently, right! Hmm.. Hopefully this can be your consideration.


Critical Factors of How To Get Muscular Body

How To Get Muscular Body

Many people especially men have been seeking many ways and techniques in order to find the secret of how to get muscular body. The answer finally comes to two major influential factors. First is correct muscle exercises and the second is appropriate diets. People who want to grow bigger muscle need to pay attention to these two factors and apply them in their muscle growing program.

Muscle exercises have been done by many and proven to be the only and most effective way to make muscle grow bigger. The concept of growing muscular body is like the work of our antibody. When your body gets infected by a disease, it will get weakened and force your antibody to activate and fight the disease, after the disease get beaten your antibody will automatically grow stronger as it set itself in standby position. The same process happens when exercises are applied to our muscle, when muscles come to their withstand point, they will try to recover and grow thicker to anticipate the same workload.

Muscle exercises need to be performed routinely. It is normally suggested that you take muscle exercise three to maximum four times a week. Each training day should at least consist of three different sets of training. And each set need to be performed from eight to ten counts. What you need to pay attention to is your muscle’s withstand point. When your muscle feels burning or crammed a bit, you need to stop your exercise, that means your muscles need to recover before finally take another exercise.

The intensity of our muscle exercise is also important. You should not perform muscle exercises in a whole day week, because you do not give your muscle chance to recover and it could lead to the destruction of muscle cell. You should also provide your body with a good quality of rest. At least your body needs to have 7-8 hours of sleep to produce testosterone which is important for muscle growth.

Another key factor in the secret of how to get muscular is the diet program. Foods play a role like construction material in building process. You will not get muscular from just training routinely, you should also provide your body with needed nutrition as the source of materials and energy needed for bulking up. If you want to get muscular, one basic requirement is that you need to increase the amount of food you normally consume a day.

By increasing the amount of food, it means you automatically increase the calories your body need to burn. You need to have at least 1000 calories a day if you want to get better muscle gaining result. Make sure you eat a lot of foods which contain carbohydrate and protein because those two nutritions hold the key factor for weight gaining diet. Protein is essential nutrition for your muscle to grow, while carbohydrate provides you energy to perform muscle exercises.

You should also notice that you may not gulp all the foods you can find around you. You need to avoid those which contain fat and oil. Fried and grilled foods may become the source of fat and oil so you should avoid them as well. By pay attention to all those factors you will be closer to the secret of how to get muscular.        



Workout Plans to Build Muscle: Best Exercise to Build Muscle

Many of us, or also you would yearn to have big muscles and a strong physique. However, you should know that it is necessary to create two things that must be understood. Which for the first one is this dream can become reality only if you want to create workout plans to build muscle and concentrate on all the muscle groups and provide equal justice to their development when planning to perform an exercise routine to build muscle. The second is if you look to build muscle, it is best to do the exercise with enthusiasm and patience. Because basically there is nothing we can accept easily and quickly if we are not willing to try hard. In addition, all of it always takes time to get whatever we want.

Now, having understood this, which is why today you should be ready to start the workout plans to build muscle. But wait! Because of course everyone has different routines. So, how to make a proper workout routine, so you can do your exercise in a disciplined way? Because if you do not do it with discipline, you will not get maximum results, is not it?

Workout Plans to Build Muscle


That is why in order to create a workout plans to build muscle, then the first thing you can do is find people who want to direct, monitor and evaluate performance, and progress you to exercise in an organized manner. Then choose the best type of exercise routine to build muscle, which it is divided into two types of routines (routines beginner and medium). Which at this time, I will just explain to beginner routines. In order to assist you in increasing muscle strength and also promote the overall development of your body. Namely:

Workout plans to build muscle beginners

Well, in this case if you are a beginner, then before starting any exercise, make sure that you give proper warm to all parts of your body that range for around 20 min. Which heating must consist of activities such as running, cycling, speed walking and jogging, jump rope, push ups, pull ups etc. Because of all this activity will energize your muscles and makes your muscles to be ready for training. Here are 3 sets of 10-12 reps for the first few weeks of intense things you can do as a workout plans to build muscle.

The first day, you must do bicep and triceps workout. By sitting on bench sideways and hold on dumbbell. Raise one dumbbell and then lower it gradually. And repeat for other side. The second day of doing chest and shoulder work out. Then for three days to do the foot work out, until the end of the exercise your abs do the development. It is crunches. That is by lying flat on the floor with knees spread equal to the width of your shoulder. Keep your feet flat on the surface and hold your head with your hands. Now, lift it self up, without pulling your neck. Exhale, and maintain your position until two seconds and then slowly back to starting position. Well that is a few things about the workout plans to build muscle that you can try at home. Good luck!