6 Tips For Coconut Oil Pills For Weight Loss Success

Coconut oil pills for weight loss during the last years, coconut oil has been used to lose weight, which helps you not to suffer from hunger during the day. Coconut oil is the best healthy fat, thanks to its medium chain fatty acids that increase your metabolism and give you energy.

6 Tips For Coconut Oil Pills For Weight Loss Success

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Coconut oil used to lose weight?

If the coconut oil helps, you lose weight. In a study of 40 obese women, study where twenty patients were given 30 ml soy oil and twenty patients give coconut oil for 12 weeks, found that those who consume coconut oil could reduce their abdominal obesity, without increasing triglycerides and cholesterol.

Several studies have highlighted the benefits of his Palm to your health, including:

Extra virgin coconut oil helps to have a healthy metabolism.
Coconut oil accelerates the basal metabolism (energy necessary for the vital organs to perform their functions). If you consume, your body will enter a State known as a metabolic to ketosis, in which fat is used as fuel, instead of sugar, resulting in a decrease in weight by burning fat reserves. In addition, if you are on a low carb diet, the result will be faster and more visible.
It is suggested as the only oil that should be used for cooking since it does not oxidize.

What is the dose of coconut oil to lose weight?

The maximum daily recommended dose is 50 grams, 2 tablespoons per day or 4 tablespoons of daily dessert.

4 tricks to take coconut oil during the day to lose weight

1. Take it before eating

Coconut oil solidifies at 24 degrees Celsius, but you should take it in liquid form to help you lose weight. To do this, mix 1 or 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in a pot and add boiling water or tea.

The best time to drink it was 20 minutes before eating, because it significantly reduces appetite, enables you to eat smaller portions.

2. Take the coconut oil in the daytime

Another way to pick it up, if you haven’t been eating before, start with organic extra virgin coconut oil, take one teaspoon and gradually increase until you reach 3/5 teaspoon once a day, with a low-calorie diet and carbohydrates as well as doing physical activity.

3. Coffee with coconut oil to lose weight

If you like coffee, this alternative is excellent. Twenty minutes before the meal, you can add the coconut oil to the coffee or drink the bulletproof coffee.

It is only necessary:

Organic coffee.
Coconut oil.
2 tablespoons of butter and salt.


Prepare the coffee in the normal way, add a tablespoon of coconut oil and butter in the blender. Beat until the foam is generated and take 1 cup, preferably in the morning.

4. Replace the oil that you use with coconut oil

Another option is to replace the oil that you use with coconut oil, with a diet together with fruits, vegetables, fiber, and meat without fat.

Answered the question of whether myth or reality using coconut oil to lose weight, the result will depend on individual organisms, age, sex, and cause of occurrence of overweight. However, you cannot deny its benefits for your health.

5. Coconut oil and cinnamon to lose weight

Both foods are used to lose weight. A different and very tasty way to ingest them is to place the infusion of your favorite cinnamon and coconut oil. Sweeten with honey or stevia.

6. Coconut oil and Apple vinegar to lose weight

Apple Cider vinegar used individually for multiple a purpose of which was to lose weight. 30 cc mix apple cider vinegar with 15 ccs of coconut oil on both food

You can add it to salads or mixed protein shakes.

Baking soda and coconut oil to lose weight

Baking soda mixed with coconut oil is widely used for different skin treatments. There are no serious reports that combine coconut oil with bicarbonate to reduce.

In the case of bicarbonate, can help reduce the swelling of the stomach that can occur when there is a change in diet with consumption of more fiber, as happens on most diets to lose weight.

The bicarbonate would help to reduce intestinal gas and improve the appearance of your abdomen in this way. While other foods and products together with your diet do the metabolic work to lower abdominal fat.

Smoothie’s coconut oil to lose weight

The great advantage of coconut oil is used in various foods and beverages. You can add it to practically every type of food you want. Many combinations of shake have been designed to incorporate coconut oil on people who are not accustomed to eating fatty foods or fried foods of any type and who reject oil consumption directly.

1. Smoothies with blueberries and coconut oil

Composition: coconut oil, avocado, blueberry, chia seeds, cinnamon, and honey:

How to prepare: mix half spoon of coconut oil, half the avocado fruit, half-cup blueberries, 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, half a spoon of honey, 1-cup water and cinnamon to taste.

2. Smoothie with strawberries and coconut oil

Ingredients: Coconut oil with almond milk and strawberries.

How to prepare: use 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, a cup of almond milk and a cup of strawberries.

3. Green smoothies with coconut oil

There are many types of green juice that you can use together with coconut oil, mix the pineapple or lemon with vegetables such as celery, cucumber, spinach, and customize to your needs.

Mango, banana and coconut oil: 1 mango with 1 banana or banana and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.

How much coconut oil should you take to lose weight?

The maximum dose is 50 grams per day, which equals two tablespoons or three and a half tablespoons of dessert. That amount is distributed during the day, starting with a dose on an empty stomach and the rest is mixed with meals, drinks, and salads.

It should be started with 1 teaspoon daily and the dose is increased week by week until reaching 50 grams. It is recommended not to start the maximum dose from the first day since gastrointestinal symptoms may be caused.

Is it good to take coconut oil before going to sleep?

The best time to take the coconut oil is 20 minutes before breakfast and lunch, in addition to mixing it with meals. Remember that you must test the tolerance of the oil with low doses initially

How to take coconut oil before sleeping?

It can be used before sleeping mixed with other food but in very small amounts. It is always recommended to take more than 20 to 30 minutes before meals.

Is it good to take coconut oil on an empty stomach?

It is the best way to take coconut oil to lose weight since hunger decreases and the next meal there is a faster feeling of fullness.

How to take coconut oil on an empty stomach?

You can add it to coffee or a smoothie or shake.

Coconut oil in medium chain triglycerides

Coconut oil is very different from other fat, while most foods contain long-chain fatty acids; coconut oil is formed by medium chain acid. It is metabolized differently because they were sent directly from the gastrointestinal tract to the liver, where they are used to get the energy directly.

Often the use of fat is often recommended for patients with refractory epilepsy, which has a high-energy demand and is not limited in calories.

There is evidence in animal studies, where medium chain fats are stored less efficiently than other fats. In a research work, where rats fed with a long chain and medium chain fats. Those in the group who ingested medium chain fats gained 20% less weight and 23% less body fat.

Coconut oil can speed up metabolism

Not all metabolic pathways work together, implying that food energy needs vary so that the body can process it.

Coconut oil is not digestible, requires greater energy consumption for digestion, and has a characteristic thermogenesis that speeds up the metabolism and increases body temperature while burning fat.

In the evaluation of scientific studies found that the intake of triglycerides 15-30 g per day, as part of a regular diet, can increase the energy daily.

Other investigations of the overweight women concluded that the replacement of long-chain triglycerides with medium-chain triglycerides to prevent long-term weight gain with increasing energy.

Therefore, the calories coming from coconut oil are different from those of other fats (even when they are healthy, such as olive oil).

Coconut oil decreases the desire to eat

“Weight loss has to do with calories coming in and calories coming out.” Even though this statement is a very drastic simplification, it is very true. If your body burns or spends more calories than it needs, then you will lose fat.

Anything that diminishes our desire to eat will inevitably cause us to consume fewer calories. In addition, this is one of the consequences of using coconut oil.

In an article, it was concluded that the medium chain fatty acids could make full faster and facilitate weight control when included in the diet fat substitute with long chain triglycerides.

Other studies indicate that a diet rich in protein and ketogenic, low-carb, reduce hunger and food intake significantly.

In a study with six healthy men, who are given many medium-chain fatty acids, reduction of 256 calories per day almost automatically produced.

Other studies with 14 healthy men showed that people who consumed fatty acid chain being at breakfast to significantly lower their calorie intake at lunch.

Therefore, coconut oil stimulates fat burning, increases the calories out and reduces the appetite, as well as reduces the number of incoming calories.

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