7 Symptoms That Your Diet Does Not Work

When we start a new diet, the most important and most common question is; “Will it work?” To know, you have to wait at least a month before evaluating the results.

7 Symptoms That Your Diet Does Not Work

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However, we give you these elements so that you can make an assessment without having to wait so long. If your new regimen experiences these symptoms, clearly your diet does not work.

1. You feel something is not right

Constipation, fatigue, hair loss, bad breath, are some signs that your diet is damaging your body more than it helps. A healthy diet should make you feel good than before you started it.

2. You are hungry all the time

The dangerous thing about fighting hunger is not only to break the diet but also to damage the balance of your body and look for other more serious health problems. A good diet should not leave you hungry, on the contrary: your balance of fiber, water, proteins, carbohydrates, and other nutrients will give you the feeling of fullness with healthy foods.

This happens to your body when you lose 10 pounds of weight

3. It requires you to stop eating a food group

No carbohydrates or no fats. This type of diets that condition their results to eliminate certain groups of foods, generally work for some time, but as soon as the consumption of those foods is resumed, the lost pounds return to the place they used to occupy.

A healthy and effective diet, which offers a sustained weight loss, should include adequate amounts of fats, carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients necessary to not break the balance of the body.

4. The forbidden you to crave

If your diet tightly restricts certain foods such as sugar or fat, your cravings, almost uncontrollable, of what is prohibited make you break the diet all the time. In addition, those cravings can be a sign that you lack certain nutrients and the wisdom of your body asks you to give them through a longing that makes you salivate.

5. Do not consider the exercise

The magic formula for losing weight is balanced diet + exercise. If your diet does not consider exercise as a fundamental part to have positive achievements, something is wrong. Diet is not the only thing that will help you achieve your goals; Physical activity is fundamental.

6. Eating with your family or with your friends is impossible

While you probably will not taste the chocolate cake that will be served at the end of the family dinner, a balanced and healthy diet will allow you to eat the same as others, in smaller quantities or with slight variations. But if eating with your family or with your friends requires that you bring your toppers with your “special food”, it is a warning signal.

7. What time should I eat if I want to lose weight?

You do not see results in three weeks

Although that diet has been a success for the neighbor, your cousin, your sister or your best friend’s girlfriend does not mean it works for you. If you do not see any result in the reduction of height or weight in three weeks, consider looking for other options.

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