9 Best Supplements For Women’s Weight Loss Dietary

Best supplements for women’s weight loss, everyone talks about losing weight. Diets abound the soup, the week of green smoothies, the diet of Jennifer Lopez, the diet of celery and in short – an endless number of different options, which increases with the passing of days. The same thing happens with exercise routines, there are so many that it is difficult to select the most appropriate for each one of us.

9 Best Supplements For Women’s Weight Loss Dietary

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However, our central theme in this article is supplements for weight loss, which are not exempt from the same reality: an overwhelming diversity, which makes it difficult to make an accurate decision.

However, there is more, because you will also discover the best tips on food and exercise – the same that will enhance the power of your supplements, making weight loss a child’s play. With nothing more to add, let us continue.

Dietary supplements to lose weight

It should be noted that the position is not directly related to being superior in this list. Each product has its own benefits and certain disadvantages, resulting in some more useful than others according to the person. It is important to mention that all those supplements that really do not work have leaked, and you must know that it is a large number, but it has been possible to obtain the best of the best – in order to show you the best examples of this complicated group, victim of persuasive marketing. Having this clear, we can continue.

# 1 Creatine

Creatine is a compound that the body is able to sinter on its own with the help of the liver, but in very small amounts, having as a cap 1 gram. It does not compare to the Mucuna Pruriens, although the rest must come from our diet and from an important ally that comes to be supplementation.

Creatine alone does not burn fat or help lower excess weight, but it helps to improve muscle mass , which in turn affects our metabolism in a favorable way, promoting fat loss. This supplement is also excellent to increase strength or in short – increase our efficiency when exercising.

#2 Caffeine + Green Tea

It is not exactly a supplement, but two. This combination, apart from being very economical, is very effective and can be complemented with diets. Precisely what you have to do is combine caffeine with green tea extract, which will help us burn a lot fatter in our training sessions. In short, we will explain the operating mechanism and the proper way to combine two elements that will help you lose weight and can make you more productive at work or school – you find all this in a few moments.

The perfect recipe for this cocktail includes 250-400 mg of caffeine anhydrous, accompanied by 600 to 1000 mg of green tea extract – these are the perfect measures. Regarding the best time, it is an excellent idea to take this concoction on an empty stomach in the morning or one hour before exercising.

#3 Garcinia Cambogia

The compound responsible for the much-appreciated properties of Garcinia Cambogia is called hydroxycitrate, which comes to be the extract of the fruit. This compound also can be found in other products such as Citrilite and Citrin, in addition to capsule form. Between the most outstanding benefits and related to our subject we have:

Reduces the absorption and accumulation of fat.
Increase the metabolism of fat. Ideal for diets.
It helps control appetite effectively.
Reduces LDL cholesterol levels


Despite being a marketed product to the satiety, it deserves a place in this list because it is of great help with whatever your diet plan and exercise. You will only notice the results if you lead a healthy lifestyle, otherwise, it will be a waste of time and money.

Do not expect magical results, because there will be none of that. Do not believe everything that is said on television or the internet, it is a normal supplement that can help you lose weight – but do not expect any miracle.

#4 Whey Protein

We find another popular supplement in gyms, just like creatine. It is an excellent companion to your exercise routines and helps your diet plan because it will help you burn fat, gain more muscle mass and improve your physical performance. It provides other benefits such as the elevation of serotonin levels, like Garcinia cambogia, helping to control appetite better and avoid the famous “tragazones”.

Like all the supplements on this list, it does not do anything on its own and cannot replace real foods at all, but it turns out to be a great help, because it is the protein with the greatest biological value, so that the organism can assimilate it almost 100%. It is also important to mention that it contains leucine, the amino acid that plays the main role in the production of muscle mass.

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Unlike the thousand and one gym supplements, this has a 100% natural origin, because it is a derivative of the production of cheese, so you can rest assured knowing that it has no strange chemical in its composition. However, beware, try to avoid sweetened whey proteins, because these come with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, which is detrimental to our health and can play against us in our mission to burn that extra fat.


This supplement can be incorporated in post-workout shakes and even in breakfast shakes because it helps to recharge energy and control hunger throughout the day. So it is advised to take a whey protein shake if you have a hard day ahead.

#5 Fish Oil

One more reason to love healthy fats. Fish oil , apart from providing many health benefits and being useful in the treatment of certain diseases, can also be used to burn fat and build better muscle mass . The best thing about this supplement is that unlike others, it does not contain caffeine or other elements that despite being very good have certain disadvantages in some people: irritability, heaviness, etc. For what is a very healthy product and with almost no side effects, the only thing that we must take into account is the source, which must be of quality, because it oxidizes easily.

Take for example this scientific study. This showed that overweight people who supplemented their diet and exercise with fish oil, obtained superior results: more fat loss, more muscle, and better cardiovascular health. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to start taking this supplement from today, in order to obtain the best benefits of both exercise and our general nutrition.

Another great benefit that contributes is the control of appetite. Many of the people who fail in their mission to look better, is because they are not able to control hunger – and this is where this rich source of Omega3 comes to the rescue. When supplemented with this product, it is easier to wait between meals and not fall into the bad habit of the “snacks” that ultimately end up doing more harm than good. If you feel your will falters, it is time to seek help and this supplement will do a magnificent job to keep your appetite at bay.

It also helps reduce the accumulation of fat. If you are worried or paranoid because the food you eat can become that annoying extra fat in your body, you will find this product a relief, because it significantly decreases the risk that your body stores the food you eat as fat. This is not a call to eat what you want, because you can only enjoy this benefit if you take a good diet.

How to consume it?

The benefits of this super-supplement, which is a good for your health in general, beyond the fitness scene, are already clear. The question is when it should be taken daily. Most bottles will tell you how many capsules you should consume, but there are usually two. Now, keep this in mind: quality fish oil does not come in capsules of less than 600mg. Consider this advice when purchasing your own bottle of the supplement, because to enjoy all its benefits you should buy only the best of the best. Also, do not try to experiment beyond the 5400mg, because they could begin to appear not so desirable effects, as detailed in this article.

#6 Krill Oil

If you thought that fish oil was a kind of magic pill, you have not yet met Krill oil. While the fish has its own qualities, the product derived from Krill overcomes a good part of them – and can be a successful partner in your fight against overweight, in addition to providing health benefits such as:

Take care of the joints since it contains the antioxidant astaxanthin.
Watch for good brain health.
Promotes good cardiovascular health
However, today we have to talk about the fat burning properties of this supplement obtained from a tiny organism in size, but a giant in benefits for us.

As a rule, if the body is short of essential fats such as Omega 3, the metabolic rate slows down seriously, making your hard work in your workouts truncated before a barrier difficult to overcome without certain adjustments in the diet. This is where Krill oil comes into play, as a healthy and excellent alternative to maintain a good level of Omega3 in the body, accelerating your metabolism at maximum speed – making the fat melt like butter!

How much to consume per day?

It is recommended to keep the daily dose in the range of 1-3 gr. According to Examine.com is the perfect amount to get all your benefits. By integrating this almost miraculous supplement to your diet, you will alleviate the burden of losing weight, and will take care of protecting your joints, fighting the dreaded free radicals, as well as enhancing cognitive functions such as memory and concentration.

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#7 Coconut Oil

We find another oil in this list of supplements – and probably the best option to make you lose those extra kilos. Its unique and special combination of fatty acids gives it the ability to produce powerful effects on metabolism. The secret of coconut oil lies in the fact that it is composed almost entirely of medium chain triglycerides. The body metabolizes these fats in a completely different way compared to those of long chain.

Now let us get a little more serious and let us cite this study to begin with. Clinical studies have shown that people, who consume more medium chain triglycerides, spend more energy and therefore make the process of burning fat becomes easier. In this cited study, 48 overweight people, between men and women, were tested. They were given between 18-24 grams a day of coconut or olive oil, as part of a 16-week weight loss plan.

In the end, it was shown that the group that consumed coconut oil burned much fatter than the group supplemented with olive oil. This proved that coconut oil is an effective and natural supplement, which can help us to amplify the benefits of exercise and diet.

Recommended doses:

You can include coconut oil in any food or food; you can even make a “homemade nootropic” with coffee and coconut oil. There is no universal dose, but it is recommended to consume up to 45 grams per day. This amount can go down or up a bit depending on what your goals are, but since it is your mission to lose weight, it is best to keep 45 grams a day as a cap.

Try to consume only virgin coconut oil, because it conserves all its nutrients and has not gone through refinement processes, which cause it to lose a good part of its properties.

#8 Iodine

This mineral may seem a strange addition to this list, but soon you will discover the reason for its presence. Iodine helps our thyroid gland work correctly, and by doing this, it allows us to lose weight more easily. If you feel stuck in the progress with your diet and exercise plan, it may be because your thyroid is not functioning properly due to a deficiency of iodine in your diet, which will cause your metabolism to slow down and retain more water.

This supplement has been added to the list because there are people with a deficiency of this important mineral and they do not know it. Once the shortage has been resolved, the thyroid will begin to work normally and therefore the metabolism will accelerate, which will allow you to burn fat more easily.

So the advice is that if you feel really stuck, go check with your doctor to see if there is a mineral deficiency. Under no circumstances do you self-medicate, because abuse of this mineral can cause hypothyroidism.

#9 Resveratrol

We are already in the last step of this list, and we find this popular antioxidant. If you thought that it only serves to maintain a younger skin, you will be happy to know that it can also help you lose weight more quickly. This new facet of resveratrol has become popular in recent years, and this section will see what you can do for the benefit of the weight loss plan.

To begin with, let us cite this study. It involved a group of overweight men, who were supplemented with 150 mg of resveratrol daily for 30 days. At the end of this period, it was found that the people subject to the study decreased the amount of sugar in the blood, reduced the fat of the liver, their blood pressure fell to normal levels and improved their mental capacity. While they did not reduce fat during this period, these metabolic changes are closely linked to weight loss. This also reinforces the idea that a supplement alone cannot make us lose weight – it must go hand in hand with food and exercise.

Another study done in lemurs seems to show that resveratrol accelerates metabolism. While encouraging, no serious studies have been done on humans to date. However, everything seems to indicate that with a good diet and a correct exercise plan, resveratrol can help us achieve our goals more easily.


You already have in your hands the necessary elements to sculpt your new figure as an artist. The road is not easy and we all know that, but dietary supplements will help us achieve the desired results in a shorter period. When seeing the first results appear in a relatively fast period, our confidence will increase as well as our discipline, making this mission to have a better body and simpler health.

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