All Your Questions About Whey Protein For Women’s Weight Loss

Whey protein for women’s weight loss, if the fat from a glass of whole milk, milk is left as skim milk. When separating sugar from milk (lactose), the Casein and Whey Protein proteins remain. Casein is the principal protein in cow’s milk, but the milk of human mothers, the main protein is whey protein or whey. Nature designed us to take whey protein, which is why it has so many medicinal effects.

All Your Questions About Whey Protein For Women’s Weight Loss

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Whey protein provides the body with an excellent source of amino acids to increase and regenerate muscle mass. It is a very high source of BCAA -> more than any food! The BCAA are Branched Chain Amino Acids: Lucien / isoleucine/valine, which does not synthesize (produce) the body must ingest.

This wonderful protein is NO fat, NO sugar! In addition, as it is of fast absorption, very important aspect after training, since your muscles need urgent protein and the WP is perfect. However, not only is it good for athletes and to protect your muscles, but whey protein also helps the immune system, protecting and strengthening it.

Some benefits of the WP are:

  • Increase your muscle mass (very important to accelerate metabolism, burn more calories and reduce the accumulation of fat).
  • Reduces muscle wasting, which after training.
  • Accelerates recovery,
  • Accelerates metabolism
  • It produces satiety and reduces appetite! Whey protein is a perfect protein to remove hunger.
  • It complements low protein diets, ideal for vegetarians.
  • It helps the immune system, protects and strengthens it.

In addition, whey protein is the protein with the highest Biological Value. The biological value measures the efficiency with which a protein. For example, the egg has a VB of 100, the meat of 75, and the whey protein 150-170.

The best time to take whey protein is before and after training! Which is when protein?

There are different types of whey protein:

Here we have three types: Concentrated, Isolate and Hydrolyzed.

  1. Concentrated Whey Protein: despite the name, it is less concentrated than isolate. It has some lactose (carbon), cholesterol and fat. This protein has a greater amount of “bioactive components” (extra-nutritional constituents) and is cheaper to be less pure (lower quality and quantity of protein per serving).
  2. Whey Isolated Protein or Isolate: Contains a minimum of fat, cholesterol, and lactose and has a greater range of protein (90% or more) compared to concentrated whey protein. Ideal between meals as a snack and athletes who take post training … is the most common.
  3. Whey Hydrolyzed or Hydrolyzed Protein: often used in clinical nutrition applications, since they are predigested and broken, which makes them easier to absorb.

1. What brand of whey protein do you drink?

There are many brands according to the types explained above. I like 100% Whey Protein Gold Standard from the brand “Optimum Nutrition (ON) “. This whey has been chosen as the best protein and supplement for many consecutive years in the USA.

2. Who should take whey protein?

It is special for men and women athletes who want to increase muscle mass and improve the recovery of their muscles after training. • Also to supplement diets for weight loss, low protein, and vegetarian. It is also ideal for overweight people, those who wake up without hunger but in the afternoon, they feel anxiety for carbohydrates.

3. Can I replace breakfast with whey protein?

Do not! You must have full breakfast and if you want to include some whey in the preparation:

  • Carbohydrates: oats, quinoa, wholemeal bread, pancakes fit
  • Proteins: eggs, chicken breast, turkey, tuna, Greek yogurt, almonds.
  • Fruit: Apple, banana, and berries.

The more proteins you eat, the less appetite and anxiety you will feel in the afternoon.

4. Can whey protein be taken at night?

Yes. But if someday you feel anxiety at night you can take it and wait 10 minutes to feel its satiety effect (if afterward, you do not feel hungry you do not need to dine)

5. Can it be heated?

Yes. You can also mix it with coffee and almond milk. It is very rich! I also use it to make ice cream from protein yogurts, pancakes, etc.

6. Can you take whey protein without doing exercises?

Yes. In any case, the idea is to do some exercise, but if you have not yet decided, it will still help you lose weight. Both athletes and those who do not exercise need a good amount of protein to improve their metabolism.

7. Can children take it?

Yes. Even infant formulas have whey protein so that they sleep without hunger.

8. Can it be changed for soy protein?

Soy protein has a satiety power close to zero (it does not take away hunger).

9. Can it be continued during pregnancy and lactation?

Yes. Controlling cravings for sweets during pregnancy is crucial. The interruption of sleep during lactation makes special help of the whey protein necessary to control the appetite. You can take one a day. In any case, you MUST consult your doctor.

10. How many servings can you take per day?

It is possible to eat a lot of carbohydrates and fats without feeling full, but the appetite decreases by eating protein foods, where the whey protein excels! The number of portions you can take will depend on your protein requirements per day, the calculation is simple:

  • If you want to lose fat multiply by 1,5 or 2 your weight in Kg, those are the grams per day that you need.
  • If you want to increase, multiply by 2.5 or 3 your weight in Kg.

The total grams of protein, you must distribute it in 5-6 meals a day, the idea is more than 3-4 hours without eating! Then you should look for protein foods and supplement with whey protein. Here is a list of grams of food to obtain 25 g of protein:

  • 1 serving (30 g) of whey protein -> 25 g of protein
  • 100 g of red meats (hamburger, ground beef, and a steak) -> 25 g of protein
  • 120 g of chicken or turkey (one breast, two thighs) -> 25 g of protein
  • 100 g of fatty fish such as tuna, salmon, trout -> 25 g of protein
  • 120 g of white fish such as hake, Pippin, and tilapia -> 25 g of protein
  • 1 cup of seafood (150 g of shrimp, 200 g of squid) -> 25 g of protein
  • 250 g of cottage cheese (1 cup) -> 25 g of protein
  • 500 g (half a liter) of Greek yogurt -> 25 g of protein
  • 4 eggs -> 25 g of protein
  • Seven egg whites -> 25 g of protein
  • 150 g of turkey ham (about 4 large slices) -> 25 g of protein
  • 300 g (2 cups) of cooked legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas) -> 25 g of protein
  • 30 almonds -> 25 g of protein

Whatever your goal, it is very important to exercise, eat healthily, and sleep well.

11. Taking whey protein affects the kidneys.

The main causes of kidney problems are hypertension and high blood sugar. Taking whey protein prevents hypertension and diabetes. Even if it to affect the kidneys, it should be consumed in moderation. Anyway, I recommend that you first look for protein sources in foods and then supplement them with the 1-2 scoops (measures) of whey protein. Consult your doctor it.

12. Does the whey protein have side effects?

Whey protein has no side effects. It by all kinds of people; athletes, people who want to take care of their figure, even very old people and diabetic grandparents. The whey is a dairy product and as such, by those people with intolerance (allergies) to dairy and its derivatives. In any case, check with your doctor.

13. Whey protein makes you fat.

No. Many people ask me if I will get fat by taking whey protein … I tell them that if you want to gain weight you should not take it.

14. Whey protein works against anxiety.

Neither carbohydrates (cereals, fruits) nor fats (avocado, olive oil) remove hunger like proteins, but between proteins, there are better ones. The most important thing is to include proteins in your breakfast!

The future of whey protein

It manages the appetite by facilitating the communication between the stomach and the brain through hunger hormones (Gherkin, Lepton, CCK, and Glucagon). It is much more effective than drugs to lose weight and as it has no side effects; children can use it, during lactation, pregnant women and diabetics.

Medical recommendations

  • Even without hunger, you must have breakfast until you are more than satisfied.
  • Supplementing with whey protein helps to eat enough protein (without replacing the food).
  • If you feel hungry in the afternoon, it is because you had a little breakfast.
  • Have breakfast when you wake up (before 60 minutes have passed).
  • If you suffer from anxiety, do not perform exercises on an empty stomach.

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