B12 Injections For Weight Loss Magic Medicine?

B12 injections for weight loss for at least half a century, primary care professionals have been avoiding requests of this kind about this supposedly powerful enemy of exhaustion. It that the revitalizing properties of vitamin B12 in healthy people today.

B12 Injections For Weight Loss Magic Medicine?

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However, it is not like that. In addition, it might surprise you how many people actually have a vitamin B12 deficiency.

The exaggerated reputation of vitamin B12 probably originates from an earlier investigation at Boston City Hospital that established the importance of this vitamin for the relief of exhaustion associated with pernicious anemia, a disease that alters the absorption of vitamin B12 from food.

The red injectable liquid quickly gained the reputation of being a magical antidote to daily exhaustion without any other health problem with normal levels of vitamin B12 in blood. This belief has persisted despite the lack of solid scientific evidence to justify its use as an all-purpose energizer.

In 1985, the National Ambulatory Health Care Survey recorded about 2.5 million injections of vitamin B12, of which less than 400,000 were for diagnoses compatible with vitamin B12 deficiency disorders.

When treatment

It was not until 1973 that the first randomized controlled clinical trial was conducted, which included 29 patients and lasted only 6 weeks. Participants, all with normal levels of vitamin B12, received 2 weekly doses of the vitamin or a placebo for two weeks, followed by a two-week rest period and a two-week final phase in which those who received were secretly changed.

No statistical differences in appetite, sleep patterns or exhaustion, but people who received vitamin B12 initially were “happier” and “felt better”.

In another small randomized controlled trial in 1989, 15 people with chronic burnout syndrome received a mixture of liver extract, folic acid, and vitamin B12, or a placebo at different stages of the study, which lasted a month. Their levels of exhaustion were the same regardless of the stage of the treatment in which they were.

The role of vitamin B12 as replacement therapy for people who have an actual deficiency of vitamin B12, which is essential for DNA synthesis, the development of red blood cells, the integrity of peripheral nerves and the cognitive function. The body does not produce vitamin B12 and this only from animal proteins (or artificially fortified grains).

Once ingested, the action of stomach acids to separate it from food, after which the vitamin is combined with a substance produced in the stomach, called intrinsic factor, before being absorbed in the small intestine.

Who should perform analyzes

According to the National Survey of Health and Nutrition Examination from 2001 to 2004, 3.2% of people over 50 have an authentic deficiency of vitamin B12. Up to 30% lack sufficient stomach acid to extract vitamin B12 from food.

Even greater decreases in stomach acid can occur in patients who use proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), such as Propose, generic, and Nexium; and H2 blockers, such as (Peptide and its generic) and ranitidine (Zantac and its generic).

Another medication associated with vitamin B12 deficiency is the medication for diabetes called metformin (Glucophage and its generic). Strict vegetarians should consume additional vitamin B12, either in fortified foods or in supplements.

Poor absorption caused by intestinal inflammatory diseases (Chiron’s disease and regional ileitis) can also cause a deficiency.

Currently, there are no guidelines on screening for vitamin B12 deficiency in people without symptoms. In any case, it seems reasonable to control people at high risk, especially now that it has been shown that oral vitamin B12 is as effective as injectable vitamin B12 and, in any case, supplementation is not harmful.

B12 Injections For Weight Loss Reviews

Ask your doctor to check your vitamin B12 level if you:

  • He is over 50 years old.
  • Take a PPI or an H2 blocker.
  • Take metformin.
  • Follow a strict vegetarian diet.
  • You have an inflammatory bowel disease.

Have you heard that vitamin B-12 injections help you lose weight? There are the following beliefs that may not be very accurate:

– Help to lose weight by accelerating metabolism: There are celebrities and supposed nutritionists that ensure that B-12 injections help you in weight loss since it increases metabolism and helps burn fat more easily.

– Injections help to lose more weight: Those who promote supplements of vitamin B-12 in weight loss suggest injected, as they ensure that by applying them directly to the muscle there is no risk that they are not absorbed by the body.

– They warn of side effects: However, they say that “they are not so common” and that if one experiences difficulty breathing, swallowing or has an accelerated heartbeat you should visit your doctor immediately. REALITY:

According to Dr. Katherine Zeratsky, of the Mayo Clinic, there is no clear evidence that vitamin B-12, in any of its forms, helps in weight loss.

– They will not help you unless you lack the vitamin: “Some weight loss clinics offer injections of vitamin B-12 as part of their programs to enforcer. Those who propose injections of vitamin B-12 for weight loss will tell you that they will give you more energy and that they will accelerate your metabolism, helping you to get rid of those unwanted pounds. However, unless you are deficient in vitamin B-12, the injections will not help you at all, “the doctor writes on the clinic’s website.

– They can interfere with other medications: Dr. Zeratzky says that having large amounts of B12 in the body, through injections of it, will not harm your health, but they can interfere with the effectiveness of other medications.

– Do not go by the short route: If you want to lose weight, avoid quick and doubtful solutions. What is important is a healthy lifestyle, says the expert. Eat nutritious foods and include physical activity in your daily routine.

If you are worried about your vitamin B-12 levels, talk to your doctor and consider it better to consume more foods that contain it instead of giving you injections. Foods containing B12: They in viscera such as kidneys, liver, and meats in general, as well as eggs and dairy products. Among the fish that have the highest amount of B-12 are sardines, tuna, and clams.

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