Benefit Of The Omega 7 Weight Loss

Omega 7 weight loss, we have all heard about the Omega 3, the 6, the 9, maybe the 7, which is less known although increasingly used.

Benefit Of The Omega 7 Weight Loss

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However, in traditional Chinese medicine it has already been used, the berries were called Shaji, used in dermatological and circulatory problems.

In Tibetan medicine, it was also used, especially to prepare cough syrups, and for the circulatory system.

Omega 3 and 6 are essential fatty acids, Omega 9 is not essential.

In addition, the Omega 7 of nonessential fatty acids, this means that they are not essential to take them in the diet but they are very beneficial.

Omega 7 is a monounsaturated fatty acid, in fact, it is palmitoleic acid.

Omega 7 is in a certain way a healthy form of trans fat, trans fats are negative for the organism since it causes an increase in cellular inflammation and involves arterial resistance, however unlike this type of fats, Omega 7 has a beneficial effect.

The Omega 7 has a mechanism of action very different from the other omegas; in fact, the most important function is that it helps to improve the communication between the fat and the muscle tissue of the organism.

The most important source of Omega 7 is the berries of sea buckthorn, the oil of these berries specifically.


Although we can also find Omega 7 in the animal kingdom – specifically in dairy cow -, which is complete cheddar, cheese, and butter.


It is a thorny shrub that grows in areas where it has a very salty land or the environment from Eastern Europe to Mongolia, with these small yellow fruits very rich in oil, but also rich in vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and flavonoids, in fact, this also considered a superfood.

Sea buckthorn berries are one of the most important sources of vitamin C.


These are also rich in palmitoleic acid, is the second most important source after the buckthorn of Omega 7, these are perhaps a source of Omega 7 cheaper than sea buckthorn.


The complete egg provides Omega 7, especially the yolk.

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An avocado contains approximately 30 grams of fat, and of those 20 are approximately monounsaturated fatty acids, including palmitoleic acid.


We all know that it mainly contains Omega 9, oleic acid, but it contains – in addition to other fatty acids – palmitoleic acid.


Improve the negative effects of the metabolic syndrome

One of the best-known functions of Omega 7 is to improve the metabolic syndrome.

According to the Harvard scientists, the latest study on the negative consequences of this syndrome, the appearance of type II diabetes and increased cholesterol content, with the consequent increase in the risk of heart problems. Obesity and chronic inflammation.

It is useful in digestive inflammation.

Omega 7 improves the HDL content, decreasing chronic inflammation. Actually, Omega 7 identifies it as lipoquine, which is a hormone, related between body tissues and the consumption and storage of energy (fat).

Omega 7 suppresses the production of new fat molecules, especially those that damage tissues and increase cardiovascular risk.

Decreases LDL and triglyceride levels.

Improves insulin resistance.

Improve hydration in general

At the vaginal level during menopause, both orally and in cream or gel.

For dry eyes, dry eye syndrome.

Dry mouth, for people who secrete little saliva.

Extreme dryness of the skin, such as people with atopic skin, psoriasis, in skin allergies, is especially useful when suffering from skin ulcers.


Helps shine hair, skin, and nails. Since the sea buckthorn is part of the best superfoods, for its great antioxidant power, to contain SOD, superoxide dismutase, flavonoids, and many phytonutrients.

Vitamins and minerals.

Like other types of Omega, laboratories produce them at very different doses.

Although in general, like the other types of Omegas, the adult recommendations are from 500 mg to 1 gram daily.

However, when we read the labels, it is necessary to take into account whether they are capsules of sea buckthorn oil or sea buckthorn berries with the oil content is lower, usually, it is the percentage.

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Most products do not contain only buckthorn oil.

There are many products on the market with Omega 7, what confuses us are the prices among other things, and one of the reasons is the origin and the way of extracting this substance.

As I said before, there are different types of Omega 7, the one with sea buckthorn, but also the macadamia nuts are quite common.

If Omega 7 comes from the sea buckthorn you will have many more properties, such as antioxidant, in addition to hydrating the skin.

When the product is the only buckthorn, the price of the capsules or the product is more expensive, since the extraction of this oil is more difficult and the process more expensive as a result.

The hardest thing is to protect the sea buckthorn berries from oxidation, to protect the way of harvesting to protect the crop, in which the whole bunch from not breaking the berries and especially the extraction mode, the most convenient is with liquid Co2 in which the purity of the product.

The liquid form of Co2 acts as a non-toxic solvent since it evaporates completely without leaving a residue, thus this method guarantees a better quality of the oil, prevents the proliferation of bacteria and prevents rancidity, and this system is the one used in most quality essential oils.

The advantage over other types of oils is that it is a vegetable origin and free of contaminants such as those that may contain the fish source of Omega 3.


Omega 7 is not dangerous, however, an excess of it can cause, diarrhea or even an excess of Omega 7 can cause a somewhat unpleasant smell of the body, like “old”.

To remove it simply wash or shower more frequently.


This product is very useful to moisturize in the problem of very dry skin, even during menopause, it is advisable in the form of cream as an intimate moisturizer.

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