Benefits of Capsaicin For Weight Loss and Side Effects

Capsaicin for weight loss with chili or cayenne, it is a small pepper very common in several countries of the world, especially in Mexico and Central America and large parts of Asia, although it is spread all over the world thanks to the fact that it is incorporated into the gastronomy to give a spicy touch to the meals. However, far from its spicy flavor and the seasoning, it brings to food; capsicum has many other properties that we will inform you about below.

Benefits of Capsaicin For Weight Loss and Side Effects

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In many countries, it topically for its analgesic properties and has served as a support to relieve muscle aches and rheumatic diseases, but we must be careful because it can cause skin reactions due to its powerful spicy.

Does it really work? Do you have all the properties that to you? Then we will know in depth the uses and benefits, as well as the possible side effects of Capsicum.

Capsicum is what we commonly have known as chili, hot peppers or hot pepper in various species and forms, it as cayenne and paprika among others. It is different cultures both in culinary recipes and in traditional medicine for its healing properties.

Benefits of Capsaicin what is it for?

Capsicum extract contains capsaicin, a substance that has the ability to reduce inflammation and because of the pain that topically, in fact, there are many pain creams containing capsaicin, these creams for the treatment of muscle, joint and rheumatic pains. A small amount of cream, applying it with a gentle massage on the affected area,

Capsaicin has such strong powers, it has come to compare with other substances such as mescaline because when consumed a lot can lead to episodes of hallucinations. In fact, when we eat a lot of spice, we can notice the sensation of being half-drugged, dazed or dizzy.

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Its use in gastronomy is very common to give a spicy touch to meals. It brings a spicy touch that highlights certain flavors. It to lose weight, due to its thermogenic properties that help us burn fat.

Its topical administration for arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis although it does not cure the disease, the inflammatory signs remit. If you want to know how certain foods can help you to improve joint diseases, you can find out in depth in the link.

If you want to know, what foods can help you improve inflammatory diseases you can consult the anti-inflammatory diet.

Applied on the skin, it to reduce muscle aches, it against an outbreak of shingles and many other skin disorders such as psoriasis or dermatitis although the spicy can cause discomfort on these injuries.

In different countries, it for weight loss, allergic rhinitis, migraine headaches, cramps, sore throat or as a stimulant, although on these uses there is no scientific consensus of its benefits.

Capsicum to lose weight?

Capsicum is used as a thermogenic to lose weight, its uses as a weight loss are questioned when different studies reveal that the spicy, although it acts as a fat burner for its thermogenic action, also increases appetite, so it can make us eat more.

If used in combination with some other food that counteracts its effects we can take advantage of its powerful thermogenic action that helps us burn more calories by increasing the basal body temperature and thus accelerating the metabolism.

Side effects of Capsicum

Creams and lotions that contain capsicum extract are quite safe in most adults when applied locally, although they can cause skin irritation, burning and burning in the skin, if so it is convenient to remove or wash the area well to reduce its effects if you have very sensitive skin.

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It on the irritated skin or with wounds or on mucous membranes or eyes since this substance can be extremely irritating to the eyes, nose, and throat.

If we consume it in a natural way in a stew, it is very safe, although if we are not used to it, it can cause some reaction of stomach irritation, sweating, hot flushes, and nasal discharge. If its consumption is for prolonged periods and in large quantities could cause damage to the liver and kidney. We can also have the feeling of being a little dizzy or dazed.

Inhalation of capsicum can irritate mucous membranes. If you use it in the nose, it can cause nasal discharge, burning, sneezing and coughing. These effects diminish or disappear after several days of use if not, it is preferable to abandon the treatment.

Precautions for the use of Capsicum

During pregnancy and lactation, its topical use is safe, although it by a doctor, and is not usually recommended for its powerful power. However ingested there is not enough scientific evidence to prove its safety, so it is better not to take it. There may be cases of dermatitis in breastfeeding babies when mothers consume foods highly seasoned with chili and other types of irritants, so we must exercise extreme caution in both pregnancy and lactation.

Children or the elderly should not consume it.

Being a dilator vessel to those who take anticoagulants, or in case of having planned surgery or diseases of cardiovascular origin.

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