Best Cardio Machine For Weight Loss Burning Fat Build Muscle

Best cardio machine for weight loss to burn calories and lose weight in the gym, it is necessary to know what are the appropriate machines or devices.

Best Cardio Machine For Weight Loss Burning Fat Build Muscle

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Cardio machines are the most suitable to reduce fat, allowing you to train your body to process oxygen, strengthens the heart and circulation; as well as improving the cardiovascular system. Each coached a group of muscles that are defined or put exactly the part of the body you desire and depending on the type of machine and the effort that we did, the expected results will be achieved at the level of the larger or smaller.

These machines are designed to set the pace and make exercise a little more entertaining, simulates the real environment even as the mountain, the road surface, with more or less friction, etc.


Although this is a favorite of women and a classic from the gym, this machine has a powerful impact on the joints, especially the knees. However, in the best centers, there are some with adjustable cushioning so as not to suffer so much in each step.

Many think it is a boring exercise, but they come with programs that allow you to simulate real moments of a race. With it, the movement is much more natural and it is possible to burn calories and melt the accumulated fat in our body.


Used by men and women, is named after the elliptical movement performed on it, simulate a run. It is recommended for people with problems in the knees, ankles, and back.

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This is one of the cardio machines where we work well that will improve burning calories and fat. It is recommended that we have the abdomen in contracted mode at all times, it will help in toning.


Static cycling is a good way to do aerobic exercise without putting your joints at risk. It is an exercise that involves only the lower train. It can generate discomfort in the “intimate” parts, especially in men.

They are also recommended for those who suffer from knee, back or ankle pains. This is a boring aerobic exercise for many people, but you can vary the intensity each day to generate challenges that make its use more attractive.

It is a cardio machine with programs and everything. It worked fundamentally the lower part of the body, especially the twin’s strength pushing up and down movement. Its intensity is adjustable. It is recommended especially for experienced runners who want to make the best gesture of the race.


This machine is perfect for working the upper and lower part of the body. With the lower train we drive back on the rail of the device, and with the upper train we pull the shovel or handle towards us. Some oars contain programs and mini-games to entertain more and better its occupants.

According to the intensity, we can burn the same amount of calories as in the tape or the static bicycle in less time. The grip should be firm and strong, and the shovel will bring it to the hip. The back should be as straight as possible and the chest forward. It is useful for burning fat in the abdominal and oblique muscles.

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Typically, the cardio machines are used before or after sessions with weights for anaerobic and aerobic exercise alternatives and thus achieve the goals not only burn fat but also muscle toning. But remember everything depends on the effort and will you put into it.

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