Best Cleanse For Weight Loss Over The Counter Up To 10 Kilos in 3 Weeks

Best cleanse for weight loss over the counter, it is a frequent question. People want to get rid of the large number of toxins that they accumulate in the colon due, in general, to their bad eating habits. This can bring us serious health problems, including overweight. No, I am not scolding you; it is just a matter of logic. Doctors treat this condition with medication to try to alleviate problems such as irritable bowel syndrome. However, if you do not change the way you eat. If you do not acquire a new lifestyle of food, you can never have a healthy colon.

Best Cleanse For Weight Loss Over The Counter Up To 10 Kilos in 3 Weeks

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It is not worth doing a remedy for a couple of days if you eat uncontrollably things that further aggravate the problem. However, yes, with this home remedy you can clean your colon and lose weight in a short time.

The scenario is as follows: the toxin-laden colon is practically “depressed and stressed”.

The result is that our body feels tired, our head hurts and, of course, we gain a lot of weight. That is why it is necessary to be more benevolent with our colon, remove it as soon as you can to balance the functions of your entire organism. It is necessary to acquire a new lifestyle in which you love and treat your colon with love.


Apple to clean the colon

The best way to cleanse the colon or purify it is through home remedies. Obviously, the first step is to examine your fluid intake.

Are you drinking enough water? Do you eat foods rich in fibers?

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This recipe contains everything you need to add fiber and provide great nutritional value to your diet, which will help you cleanse the colon effectively and naturally.

Recipe with apples to clean the colon

You will need to:

  • A green apple (can be red)
  • A spoonful of chia seeds
  • A spoonful of flax seeds
  • A spoonful of honey
  • A cup of water


Soak the linseed and chia seeds in a cup of water for a couple of hours.

You must wash and chop the apple in cubes. Take the seeds.

Now in a blender add the small pieces of apple, honey and add the seeds of flaxseed and chia (with everything and water). Blend very well for a few minutes. Ready!

You can consume it at room temperature or cold. This smoothie should be swallowed immediately because its ingredients oxidize quickly. Eat this preparation every day on an empty stomach.

Why is this smoothie good for cleaning the colon?

This wonderful recipe is made up of natural ingredients needed to cleanse the colon.

Above all, the apple, which is a fruit rich in soluble fibers necessary to prevent constipation.

Chia seeds are excellent for cleaning the colon because it has a high fiber content that helps improve digestion. In addition, it has a high content of vitamins and nutrients that help your body to eliminate all the accumulated toxin. Another important thing is that chia provides a feeling of fullness, which helps you lose weight.

Flax seeds, allied in cleaning the colon. These ingredients will not only help you get rid of toxins, but they will also improve your cardiovascular functions and you will lose weight in just 3 weeks.

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Do not forget to do exercises. Just walking will be enough to keep your body healthy.

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