Compression Garments For Weight Loss Effective Or Not?

compression garments for weight loss, compression clothing began to practice trail running in the mountains- and little by little, it into the wardrobe of people who go to the gym or do any type of physical activity.
Benefits of compression clothing

Compression Garments For Weight Loss Effective Or Not?

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If you are fond of going to the gym, you will have noticed the increase in this type of clothes among the rest of customers. It is logical, stylize the figure and are fashionable, some will think, but when you wear these clothes is when you can notice that it also improves the sports experience. In addition, is that compression facilitates the venous return, oxygenates better the muscles of the entire body and allows you to recover before any effort.

Common mistakes when using this type of weight loss clothing

Sometimes you choose to use several compression garments superimposed with the sole purpose of sweating more. It must be clarified that the greater the oppression of the circulatory system, the greater the problem may be. Also, remember that eliminating more fluid during sports to losing weight. What’s more, as soon as you drink some water after leaving the gym, the body will replenish lost fluids immediately. It is important to mention that to make a 30-minute aerobics table the compression clothing is positive but you will not get the most out of it.

Mileage athletic marches, mountain trail, and similar sports are the fertilizer ground for compression clothing. Using it to exercise for an hour a day is a positive decision but it will not help you to lose more fat. To lose weight you just have to take care that the amount of calories you eat is less than the amount you burn. The rest, you put what you wear, can influence the level of muscle recovery and even cardiovascular protection but nothing more.

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It is also very popular to get the compression mesh as if it were a sporting garment more. It that venous return benefits as long as intense physical activity. If you put on these clothes to go for bread, it may be that you stylize the figure, but in the end, it could cause circulatory problems. , as we have indicated, this clothing needs a more intense circulation -from the physical exercise- to be functional.

A scientific study on this issue

The University of Wisconsin conducted a study on the utility of wearing compression clothing to lose weight. A group of women who for the loss of calories after walking, at different rates, for some time with these clothes or without them. The difference was a loss of five more calories if you wear compression clothing and even the mental feeling that you had made a greater effort. That is to say, the conclusion of the managers of this scientific investigation is clear: the compression garment does not serve to lose weight.

Bet; if you deem it appropriate, to follow a stricter diet, for not falling into the error of believing in the magic of a garment and exercising in a healthy way. Only this way you will be able to lose weight in a more natural way and without having to face diverse problems that could have a certain severity depending on your health condition. With this information, you can make a value judgment that you must put into practice at the time of losing those extra kilos. Patience, good diet and compression clothing only to protect your muscles in long training sessions.

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