Does Medicare Pay For Weight Loss Surgery? Here’s the answer

Does Medicare pay for weight loss surgery, each year, nearly 200,000 Americans turning to surgeons to help them overcome their obesity, Bariatric Surgery looking to lose weight and prevent life-threatening health problems.

Does Medicare Pay For Weight Loss Surgery? Here’s the answer

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But after more than two decades with the increased amount of surgery, bariatric surgery Center United still vary widely in the quality of care they provide.

That’s the findings of a team of researchers from the University of Michigan (UM) that uses data from the insurance companies that pay for Bariatric Surgery and Bariatric Surgery team from the Association for the study of the issue of the result of this intervention.

Only in the last few months, the UM team has published a few articles that give a new light on the extent of the variability and the incidence of complications is still faced by a patient.

“When Americans switched to metabolic and bariatric surgery in the amount continues to rise, and as we struggled with the obesity epidemic, more important than ever to see how well we perform operations, ” says Andrew M. Ibrahim, of the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar and surgeon UM, who led much of the new Research Center at UM.

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Almost one in five Medicare patients who underwent Laparoscopic gastric band surgery eventually will need at least one more operation, either to remove or replace the Ribbon around the top of their stomach. The results were published in JAMA Surgery.

Additional procedures that are associated with the device for the operation was quite common, in fact, almost half (47%) of US $470 million paid by Medicare for procedures to restart operations.

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“If half of the money we spend for such a device is to review or eliminate it, we should ask ourselves whether we still need to use them, ” said Ibrahim.

Despite having undergone bariatric surgery declined in popularity in recent years, and now only accounts for 5% of all surgery, there are still hundreds of thousands of people who have the past operating device. So the failure of a device to cause weight loss, or complications of their placement, causing problems that are potentially important. The study found tremendous variation among the surgical center in the operating level refacing their patients.

This new study analyzing data of 25,042 people who have operations between 2006 and 2013, and covered by Medicare, which pays about 15% of all bariatric operations.

Another article recently by UM’s team found that even’s “Center of excellence ” accredited Bariatric can vary greatly in the degree of their patients suffer complications after their operation.

Published in the JAMA study Surgery, test data of over 145,500 patients and find the differences between the center of 17 times the rate of serious complications with the highest and lowest. It was found that even within a single country, bariatric surgery centers can have nine times the rate of complications from another center.

“Although we have made significant progress in improving the safety of Bariatric Surgery in the last two decades, the presence of variation 17 times in the level of complication in the accredited centers insist that we should increase the even more, “said Ibrahim.

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The team also recently studied how variation in quality affects the cost of care, which in turn affects both premiums paid by those with private insurance and a public cost to treat people who have surgery paid for by Medicare. And Medicaid.

They took data from the patient’s surgery bariatric 38,374 between 2011 and 2013 and found that hospitals with the lowest level of complication and cost of bariatric procedures do US $1.321 fewer patients than hospitals with a level the highest complication. When they focus on patients with additional risk factors that make them more susceptible to complications of surgery, the differences grow to more than the US $2,600 per patient.

Therefore, the researchers concluded in a paper in the Annals of Surgery, efforts to improve the quality of Bariatric operations can significantly affect not only the patient but also the cost of care.

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