The 5 Best Exercises Machine For Weight Loss

Best exercise machine for weight loss, in our eternal quest to lose those extra kilos or pounds, we find countless products in the day-to-day market, each of them selling us a dream and giving us the idea that with the simple use of it, we will miraculously go down of weight and get strong even without changing our lifestyle. What if I buy a weight loss belt, a reductive belt, slimming cream buttocks. My God, what do I do? I will have to spend thousands of dollars on a lip sculpture. Here we will give you the recommendation to go to the gym to lose weight, apart from lowering the fat you will have the opportunity to have a perfect body and you will know how to keep it.

The 5 Best Exercises Machine For Weight Loss

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Static bike

This machine has a slight impact on our joints, does not require a great technique to get on it and get the hang of it. We will only perform a pedaling movement in a cyclical way. The most important to be more how is the posture of the back, which must always be straight to avoid damaging it. The saddle we will have to adjust it well so that the knees can extend up to about 175ยบ, obviously not reaching to stretch completely. It is an aerobic exercise in which many people get bored frequently and easily, but if we know the pre-installed programs of the machine, we can vary the type of intensities every day.


This machine is a classic of gyms. There is no sports center where we do not find one of these. On them, we can simulate many real moments of a race: sprints and ups-downs of slopes. All this thanks to its installed programs by which we can move at will before, during and after its use. The impact it produces on our joints, mainly on the knees, is high, so it may be the riskiest for this area. However, in the best centers, we can find some with adjustable cushioning so as not to suffer so much in each step on the knees.


We are not referring to the step of the collection classes, but to a cardio machine itself, with its programs and everything. A Step is a step machine that, with the strength of our twins, we will go down and up. The intensity will also be adjustable and it may cost us more or less to exercise with the Step. The downside I see this machine is that in a matter of minutes both the twins and the soleus will end up fatigued and the work is mainly focused on these two muscles. It is recommended only for experienced runners who want to pronounce the gesture of the race better.


It is a machine whose name do many not know, but which does the same number of men as women use at the same time. At first, only women were seen on it, but little by little, men entered the cloth, given the properties of it. It is so called because the movement we make on it is an ellipse. Be careful if your knees are somewhat annoyed since the impact on them is high. It requires having a lot of experience to work on it without any risk. It is one of the few cardio machines in which we work both the lower and upper train at the same time. It is recommended that we keep the abdomen contracted at all times, it will help in toning.


If I could choose, the best would be the rowing. Why? It works both bodily trains. With the lower train we drive backward on the rail of the apparatus, and with the upper train, we pull the shovel or lever towards us. Some oars contain programs and mini-games to entertain more and better its occupants, being able to burn the same calories, if you work with intensity, than on a treadmill or a stationary bicycle in less time. The grip must be firm and strong, and the shovel will bring it to the hip, being able, the most expert and trained, take it to one side and another which shovel really was. The back should be as straight as possible and the chest forward.

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