Top Protein Powders For Weight Loss After Finishing Your Training Session

Top protein powders for weight loss, when is it better to take the protein shake to see better results when exercising with and without weights? Should the protein shake be taken before training, during the exercise routine with or without weights, after training or practicing a sport?

Top Protein Powders For Weight Loss After Finishing Your Training Session

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It is a doubt that there are beginners and experienced who lift weights in the gym, who practice sports or who perform a daily cardio time such as jogging, swimming, cycling, etc. Many and many wonder if the protein shake should be taken before exercising or after exercising. In fact, some question whether the protein can be taken during the physical exercise session to gain more muscle mass. The protein shakes whey, beef or vegetable

they are an excellent help to complete easily and quickly the total energy requirement that allows us to optimally carry out the basic and vital activities of our life, to perform to the maximum in our high-intensity workouts or when we do some other type of exercise , and of course they allow us to optimize the recovery times of our muscular mass to be able to face in the best way a next workout routine with exercises with or without weights.

Is the protein shake taken before or after exercise to increase muscle mass?

If you wonder if you should take your protein shake before training, during your training session or only after completing your exercise routine or sports practice, I will mention the advantages and disadvantages of taking it in each of these mentioned moments. , in addition to other recommendations to optimize the absorption of the nutrients it provides, such as other times of the day when it is good to take your protein shake, so that you gain more muscle mass or so that at least you avoid losing the one you have gained.
Advantages of taking the protein shake before training

1. You have a good energy intake to avoid losing much muscle during your exercise routine: but be careful, you should also eat something about 120 minutes before training. Then, you should take your protein shake 90 minutes after this pre-workout meal, or take your shake 30 minutes before training. NOTE: Some people may not need the pre-workout shake if they eat a good meal before training.

1.1. The protein shake for breakfast is an excellent option:If you are a woman or a man who usually trains very early in the morning and you have little time to get ready and go to the gym, then you should take a protein shake that also provides carbohydrates to have an energy charge of easy and Quick absorption, which allows you to perform at your best during your training routine.

2. If the protein shake has BCAA’s, glutamine and creatine, much better: there are protein powders that include both BCAA’s and glutamine. In some cases they also include creatine. The BCAA’s help you avoid feeling sleepy during and after training, they also contribute to synthesize nitric oxide so that the blood pumping is more efficient in your skeletal muscles and you can perform more.

2.1. Glutamine and creatine in protein powder. Glutamine helps you significantly boost your immune system. Creatine is excellent for reducing recovery times by helping to resynthesize the maximum power substrate known as Phosphocreatine faster and easier. Some people do not recommend taking glutamine and creatine together, but I can tell you that there is no problem in doing so.

The disadvantages of taking your protein shake during your workout with weights or without weights

It is not always good to take your protein shake during your workout
Take your protein shake during your training session only when you finish the high-intensity part (weights for example) and get ready to do something less intense (cardio, for example).

1. You will feel heavy: I only recommend taking a protein shake during the training session when this (the shake) is consumed after the high-intensity part with or without weights, and before the cardio to reduce the loss of muscle mass during this session in which you intend to improve your cardiovascular condition. NOTE: taking your protein shake during a game of football, rugby or other high-intensity sport is contraindicated.

2. They can give you nausea, dizziness, and desire to vomit: much of the blood that your muscles needed to lift heavy weights, to run, jump, etc., now you will have to go try to digest this protein shake.

The worst thing is that you are still going to train at a high intensity so that there will be a point where there may not be enough blood to digest these nutrients provided by the shake, and not enough to make the most of your workout or in your sports practice.

2.1. Imminent vomiting: Given the above, if you take your protein shake during your high-intensity exercise routine with or without weights, or while you are practicing a sport, then your body will think that it is better to vomit that (the shake) in what So much blood is kept busy, so you can keep lifting or moving heavy weights, or so you can keep jumping or running. That is, you are forcing him to decide between one thing and another and the most common reaction is vomiting.

3. You will waste a lot of the nutrients of the shake: you know that if you vomit then simply little or nothing of what you consumed through your protein shake will be assimilated by your body. NOTE: it is very different when you take BCAAs during your training session since it is easier and faster to digest amino acids and NO proteins as such, in this case.

The advantages of taking your protein shake after finishing your training session

1. You will recover much easier and faster: protein shakes usually bring a good amount of this macronutrients. In addition, what they contain is easy and fast digestion, even more, when you liquefy your protein shake in water and not in milk (which is the most recommended).

Taking protein shake at the end of your training session

You must at least take your protein shake at the end of your training session so that you can recover your entire body, especially your muscles, in record time.

2. Avoid excess protein degradation, as a function of time: this not only benefits your skeletal muscles but also your nervous system, and also contributes to significantly improve your immune system or at least prevents your defenses from going down considerably so that you do not have to get sick so easily after having practiced a high-intensity exercise routine with weights. The same applies to after practicing a sport.

3. You avoid a drop in energy, especially if your shake also provides BCAAs: I told you before that the BCAA’s significantly reduce the risk of you feeling sleepy or drowsy when you train, for example, in the morning or in the afternoon.

For this reason, it is that when you train hard and want to improve at the level of athletic performance and aesthetic level, sometimes it is necessary to take a post-workout protein shake in addition to a good amount of food throughout the day.

Keep reading so you know more about the good thing about taking protein shakes when you train hard

They ask me a lot if the supplement is known simply as “Protein” is more efficient to take it before exercising, after exercising, during training or even in the three periods mentioned.

I would also like to clarify the fact that these supplements should not be called only “Proteins” because they generally have other compounds such as carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, among others. But hey, I guess they call it that because the biggest percentage, in the majority, is amino acids (that in branched chains of more than 50 make up the proteins).

This article is intended for both men and women. With this, if you are a woman, you will already know that powdered protein supplements can also be taken. Of course, if you want to avoid large accumulations of body fat and at the same time achieve good results at the muscular level, you must train hard raising or moving challenging weights or self-loading exercises also challenging.

What kind of protein shakes should you take?

You should also know that there are many types of protein supplements with different combinations of compounds. There are even some who claim to have only protein and no carbohydrates. Others claim to be exclusively for the pre-training stage and others only for the post-training stage. Usually, these indications are in the package.

There are also other protein supplements that do not bring indications as to being ingested at a certain time of the day. Generally, these only bring the recommended dosage in addition to saying what amount they bring of protein, carbohydrates, and other compounds, for each scoop, like those mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Those who say they are to take before training,They usually come with combinations of nitric oxide (NO2), caffeine, taurine, creatine, BCAA’s, among other compounds, in addition to high or moderate combinations of carbohydrates (simple and complex sugars) to give you constant energy during training and thus avoid high catabolism (“loss” or degradation) muscle during it. Generally, these packages only indicate that they are for pre-training, but they do not say an exact time in which they should be ingested.

The protein shake as a pre-workout

Standard whey protein shake as pre-workout
A protein shake before you go to train can help you train like a beast, whether you are a man or a woman.

Then the most advisable and on average because it can vary, according to the metabolism of each person, is that you consume 1 hour before you go to train (or at least 30 minutes before starting your exercise routine or sports practice).

However, there are those who consume it half an hour or even 10 minutes before starting the first weight exercise, especially those people whose metabolism is relatively fast.

This is not very advisable because what we are looking for is already having glucose available absorbed in the liver and muscles (mainly), and if we consume it over the training, we are only going to cause the glucose that we already had before to focus on digesting this supplement ” taking away “energy and making us more” heavy “.

But well, this depends on how you feel to face the exercise routine with a protein shake in your digestive system (sometimes take it 30 minutes before training does not generate negative effects but quite the opposite).

With the above, I have responded indirectly that these supplements should not be consumed during training. There are other types of supplements such as energy drinks combined with caffeine and/or taurine that are perfect during hard training with weights (I do not recommend them for beginners or “lazy” people because they do not need it and only that glucose will accumulate from these supplements in adipose tissue). The BCAA’sThey can also be a good option to consume them during a high-intensity routine that can also become extensive.

Other supplements that can be taken in water during workouts are glutamine and creatine. Choose one, do not combine them because one can cancel the effect of absorption of the other (as they say, although it is something that is very much in doubt).

For this reason, if you are going to consume creatine as a pre-workout, leave glutamine for post-training and take it on other occasions such as fasting and before going to sleep.

Well, at least they say that and biochemically it may be partly true, but the truth is there are many protein supplements they have glutamine and creatine in their components at the same time, so it also varies in each person the fact that one can nullify or reduce the absorption of the other.

The best thing is that you try (if you have the possibility of acquiring them) to see how you are consuming them, in water, together, during your workouts, or separately. Look what is the best combination that gives you more energy for your workouts with the weights.

See also: protein shake after weights and before cardio is sometimes necessary to avoid losing muscle mass alarmingly.

The protein shake as the post workout

The protein shake at the end of your sports training session is crucial whether you are a man or a woman, so you can gain muscle mass and avoid getting sick.

Supplements that claim to be post workout only (after training), to gain muscle mass, usually come with high concentrations of carbohydrates and proteins. Why? Well, many still have the misconception that the muscle is only built and grows with the amino acids that later form proteins.

It is true that our muscle tissue needs a lot of proteins to be able to recover, maintain and grow, but it also needs a lot of other nutrients and especially needs too much glucose, from carbohydrates, since it provides the energy necessary to perform different biochemical processes such as the synthesis of amino acids and other nutrients such as creatine, which is then transformed into phospho-creatine to generate quantities of ATP (“energy currency” ) when the muscles require it.

There are other supplements that many say are “clean”, meaning that they only contain amino acids within their components. It seems to me a great “idiocy” (excuse the word) when people refer to it thus implying, indirectly, that carbohydrates are “dirty”

Beware of this: this type of protein-only supplements promise to “maintain your current muscle mass” or even say that they help you gain muscle mass without accumulating fat.

Well, remember as explained in carbohydrates and glucose that is obtained by its consumption, since it is necessary for muscle growth since it also (glucose) helps replenish stores of liver and intramuscular glycogen that were spent yes or yes during your high-intensity training routine.

So if you are looking to increase your muscle mass, buying this type of “clean” or “only proteins” supplements, you will never achieve it …., which would finish your protein jar very quickly, and that’s not the best for your pocket.

How many protein scoops should I take in each shake?

The number of scoops you should add to your protein shake
You should take between 40 and 50 grams of protein in each shake. Although this may vary according to your age, sex, training level, objectives, etc.

Usually, protein whey or beef protein supplements (which are the most commonly taken) usually provide between 22 and 28 grams of protein per scoop. Some can also provide between 6 and 15 grams of carbohydrates in that same scoop.

Some may be able to reach 30 grams of carbohydrates.

The protein scoops that you should add to your shake: if you can afford it, in each protein shake (pre-workout, post workout, pre-cardio, snack, fasting, etc.) you should take between 40 and 50 grams of protein proteins, at least.

If you have little money: look for a protein powder that also provides carbohydrates, so that they help you recover and do not have to spend taking more protein. It is not ideal but it can also work, especially if you do not suffer because your body accumulates a lot of fat easily.

But if you tend to accumulate fat easily, then I recommend you take a protein-only shake (without carbohydrates), and take care of the rest of your diet.

The best times to take your protein shake

The moments of the day where it is more recommended to take protein shakes
The crucial thing is to be able to take your shake after training. If you can add other moments such as pre-training, a snack, before sleeping, among others, it would be much better, if your energy requirement is very high.

Take the protein shake both before and after training is an excellent option for those who can afford it (because these protein powders are often expensive) and who also want to help them recover much easier and faster, and also to perform better and gain much more muscle volume. But it is true that there are other times of day in which it is good that you also take your protein shake.

1. The fasting protein shake: Not only is it good (and indeed highly recommended) when you train very early in the morning and do not have time to eat breakfast, but it is also good that you take your protein shake as the first breakfast to help you recover what your body invested during your sleep period, even if you train in the afternoon or at night.

2. The protein shake before going to sleep: especially if it is a casein shake since it is the protein part of cow’s milk that is absorbed relatively slowly.

Then, take your whey protein shake (whey: easy and fast absorption) at the end of your weight routine, and then about 30 minutes before going to sleep you take your casein shake.

3. The protein shake as a snack or as an emergent take: sometimes we do not have time to prepare food or sometimes we do not even have time or space to sit down and chew solid foods.

So, this is where the protein shake makes its glorious appearance because it is easy and quick preparation and we also do not take 2 minutes taking it. NOTE: do not go to replace all kinds of meals with protein shakes since it is not recommended to do so.

4. Protein shake after weights and before cardio: Some people find it very necessary and profitable to take their protein shake at the end of their high-intensity training with weights and before moving on to their cardio session, in order to decrease the degradation of muscle proteins as an energy resource.

NOTE: Then, you must take another intake of the shake at the end of your session.

5. And of course you should take your protein shake before and after training:although if you have little money to buy supplements, but you can eat well, then choose at least to drink your shake at the end of your training session, always liquefying it in water, and then take a wait that can range from 30 and 60 minutes so that later you can eat your food (post-workout meal).

Proteins “clean” or zero carbs To gain muscle mass or to lose fat?

Proteins without carbohydrates as an option to take after training
If you are going to take a Zero Carbs protein as post-training, be sure to take a total of between 40 and 50 grams of protein.

Maybe these (supplements that provide only proteins) are good because they bring other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and serve when a person is on a diet low in calories and wants to lose weight in fat, either for aesthetics or because he suffers from some pathology such as obesity, diabetes, among others, and that therefore the direct consumption of carbohydrates in such high concentrations and easy absorption, is not the most indicated.

The above said gives me the opportunity to clarify something that is not to say. Many still think that when they do an intense physical activity such as running to the max, doing intensity “hits” or the same lifting of weights, they burn fat.

Very careful because for this type of activities the body prefers a thousand times to use the glucose that is stored, in the form of glycogen, mainly in the liver and in our muscles … in addition to the phosphocreatine that is a substrate of maximum energetic potency although the short action

NOTE: only people with good aerobic fitness can burn good amounts of fat on the spot when performing high-intensity workouts with or without weights.

Now, what happens if this glucose is over? What happens is that your body will use the fats accumulated in adipose tissue as an energy source, but EYE, since there is no glucose available, your body will also need the precious amino acids (some) to be able to metabolize these “fats” of reserve “and also to function as energy.

So watch your end of your weight routine and then finish with intense cardio looking to lower the percentage of fat in your body, because you may lose more proteins that had already been synthesized in your skeletal muscles, since they will be spent on this high-intensity cardio. .. considering that you already spent a lot in your previous weight training routine. Even though…

A shake before cardio can be of good help to prevent you from losing muscle

Look at how you should combine your cardiovascular activity with your weight ruin so you can burn accumulated fat without compromising the muscle gained … at least not in a big way.

The most important thing, going back to the main topic of this article, and really necessary is to be able to acquire at least one supplement that does not bring indications as such or that says it is post-training.

Why? Well, already explained the importance of glucose,After training with weights, we need to recover the levels of the same as quickly as possible (those that we had stored in the form of glycogen in our liver and skeletal muscle tissue), so you have to consume as you can (obviously if you have the opportunity to buy it ) a protein supplement rich in carbohydrates too if you want to increase your muscle mass or, at least, maintain the one you have already gained.

I must also say that if you have “a lot of money” or have, by other means, the possibility of also acquiring a pre-workout protein supplement, it would be great to enhance your training and reduce the risks of muscle catabolism (muscle loss) in high proportions, even when this “loss” is temporary.

However, I must say that with a good diet, at least one hour before training, it is enough for you to train without problems … at least in most cases (everything is in which you try how you feel).

You should also be very clear that when you consume your “protein”, you should do it only in water so as not to alter its concentration. You should liquefy your protein supplement powder always in water. After consuming it, do not eat food right there; Wait until it has been absorbed in about an hour (or when you start to feel hungry) to consume your food.

Any other questions in this regard do not hesitate to comment to help or advise them in what I can most since I am a Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports and Gym Instructor with the emphasis in Physiology and Nutrition. Also if you have any suggestions, because suddenly something has escaped me, can you tell me. Greetings.

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