Top Rated Weight Loss Programs With The 9 Best Apps

It is never too late to worry about our health and take seriously that resolution we took on New Year’s Eve. In addition, if this time is good, then it will be good to have an extra help.

Top Rated Weight Loss Programs With The 9 Best Apps

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We bring you a series of applications that will help you count calories, better plan what you eat and give you the best advice (or the sheet, as you see it) with it, you always take your nutritionist with you. Although be careful, according to our mobile Xataka colleagues, an app will never be better than your willpower. However, they are a good diet companion.


A very simple application to use and integrate into your daily life. Yazio helps you control not only the calories you consume each day, but also the proper ratio between carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Their food database is tremendously wide, but also customizable. It also connects with other devices on your Smartphone to document your sporting progress and consider them in the total calculation of calories you consume/spend, which encourages you a lot when embarking on a sporting activity.

Weight Watchers

It is the famous Point Diet and the one that Oprah followed to lose eleven kilos. It is based on betting on healthy eating, physical exercise and feeling good about yourself, something that can be monitored through your online website but also with an app for your Smartphone. The points that give you each day to spend depending on your physical qualities and the kilos you want to lose. With the app, you can calculate how many points each food costs you and subtract from your daily count, as well as write down the points you earn practicing sports and discuss your progress with other users.

It works as a subscription service in which a monthly fee is paid. On your website, you can see the different plans that they offer you.

Diet Alba

An app that combines the convenience of tracking through your Smartphone with the peace of mind of having a professional at all times. The first step is to arrange a personal consultation (it can also be online) in which the customer’s eating habits, their tastes into account and their health status into account through an analytical analysis. This is how a personalized diet with weight loss goals that are reviewed at two weeks of the beginning.

Once the objectives, a maintenance period and some foods eliminated in the previous phase. Those who have tried it have told us that it has helped them especially to have tips for not sinning when they have social events and have a direct chat for consultations. In addition, they appreciate that it is not a boring diet and that results without much sacrifice and, above all, without going hungry.

Of course, it requires investing your time between stoves, be proactive and goes to make the purchase on time. Therefore, it is not suitable for those who are not small kitchens. The application is free, the first consultation costs about € 50 and each control visit € 22.


Nothing can replace a good friend to accompany you on the road to a healthy life, but this app, available for iOS and Android is one of the most complete and will help you keep track of what you eat and how much you get. You care. Your food and food database is as complete. In addition, it is free.

Diet Assistant-Lose Weight

If it costs you mentally to maintain your diet and-especially now-the beers from the beach bar are more irresistible than ever, our colleagues at Xataka Móvil recommend this application.

An app that will give you the motivation you need to move forward with your goals and to lose those kilos you are looking for in a healthy way. However, it is not just about dieting; with this app, you will also receive emotional support and the encouragement you need to not away by laziness and give hard exercise.


Advice, inspiration, support and those comments of encouragement that you need daily to continue with your healthy habits. Lifesum is a tremendously positive application and how to have a good friend (who also knows a lot of health, food, and sports) by your side, encouraging you not to falter. Lifesum also has a water glasses counter, a perfect way to be aware of whether we are drinking the necessary things. It is free and you can download it here, although it has a Premium version with different food plans.

My Recipes for Weight Loss

Lettuce and grilled steak. Mashed and baked fish. Error! Dieting does not have to become a supine bore, especially when we have an application like this and it is giving us good ideas all the time. Different recipes that combine all kinds of foods, flavors, and textures, so that your diet is the most enjoyable and creative.


Nootric is not only an app that allows you to choose a diet that fits the needs of each one, but it is also a personalized system that aims to change the way we set out to plan and help us achieve our goals. It allows you to keep an account of the objectives achieved, view statistics, have access to a chat for questions, etc.

On its website, you can check the different plans and prices. Available for iOs and Android.

Carrot Hunger

If your thing is to take it with good humor and recognize that you need to train under the orders of the iron sergeant to get results in your healthy life purposes, this is your application. Carrot Hunger helps you count calories and rewards you when you have been “a very good child”. However, alas, as you happen to misbehave Carrot Hunger will punish you harshly and say terrible things about you on social networks. In case not everything sounds a little chufla already, the application has a sensor, with the great name of beacon, which beeps when you think you are going to storm the refrigerator.

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