What Is There Prescription Weight Loss Pills That Work?

Prescription weight loss pills that work, Over the next few weeks, we will suffer the avalanche of announcements, comments, and reports about fat burning products and miracle diets. Be careful and do not be fooled: while being healthy can be an easy exercise, but when we talk about significant weight loss, we must have medical supervision.

What Is There Prescription Weight Loss Pills That Work?

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Susana Monroe, member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity (SEEDO), warns that losing weight is not trivial, but a complex metabolic process related to health:

“To lose some kilos can be done at home with the will, reducing fats and sugars, being ordered with food, not chopping between hours and exercising.

“There are no miracle diets, so the expert advises combining the method we choose with a formula that considers fundamental: “Eat little and well, exercise and maintain it.”

However, there are pills that promise to help in this company. Assumption Caxias, coordinator of the Obesity Group of the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (SEEN), is resounding in discouraging the temptation to use them: “The fat-burning tablets sold in supermarkets or par pharmacies have not proven effective enough to be able to be recommended. Therefore, we must avoid them.”

“There is no effective treatment if habits are not changed and a good diet and regular physical exercise are carried out.” Often, these remedies are diuretic or laxative pills that do lose weight.

But all that it reduces is not gold: “It’s about the loss of water that will recover in a few hours, which can have undesirable side effects on health, losing weight is losing body fat,” says the endocrine.

What Prescription Weight Loss Pills Work Best

However, you may know cases of doctors who have prescribed these drugs. In this case, do not be confused, these pills prescribed in the consultation are not the same: these are preparations endorsed by scientific studies and indicated for obesity problems.

By not, they cannot be absorbed and eliminated in the feces, thereby decreasing the calorie intake of the diet.

“In addition, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has already approved two other new drugs, and it is possible that during this year are already available in Spain. These drugs reduce appetite and anxiety for food and, in the case of the Saxena increases the feeling of fullness.”

Only for diagnosed obesity

Dr. Gotland Lopez-Nava, from the Bariatric Endoscopy Unit of HM University Hospital, says that they are not the panacea: “They are drugs that act in the central nervous system, specifically in the complex hypothalamic circuits of hunger and satiety.

Some are antihistamines -medicines that serve to reduce or eliminate the effects of allergies- that cause loss of appetite, others, for example, are antiepileptic with the same side effect. They are new molecules but with well-known mechanisms of action. Unfortunately, they will not provide any easy solution or possible widespread use.

“Dr. Maneroo puts the first impediment: “They have no indication in people who want to lose weight because of aesthetics.”

That is, a body mass index (BMI: weight divided by height squared) greater than 30 kg / m2; or overweight with more than 27 kg / m2 combined with diabetes, hypertension or sleep apnea.

In addition, even so, when the weight loss goals of more than 5% after three or six months following a structured program of changes in lifestyle. ”

The profound transformation inhabits is indispensable, according to specialists. “The indication should be made in motivated subjects to lose weight. It is important the active participation of the patient in the control of his disease, the drug must serve to increase the adherence of the patient to the hypocaloric diet and lifestyle and behavioral changes “, assures Assumption Caxias.

The opinion of Lopez is identical: “Regardless of the dietary system that we use, the effectiveness depends on the patient following the treatment rigorously and going to the revisions prescribed by his doctor”.

Therefore, the real problem is not in the design of the diet but in the moment of fulfilling it. “We need to trick the stomach to satiate before with less food. In addition, these drugs are a good system to get that deception, “he says.

At HM University Hospital, on the other hand, they opt for other options: “No drug has proven to be more effective than a controlled diet program, or a bariatric endoscopy intervention such as the balloon or the Apollo method, treatments without surgery that they diminish the capacity of the patient’s stomach, “says Lopez.

He is the author of the article recently published in the journal Endoscopy International, where he endorses the good results of the endoscopic method in treatments against obesity.

Susana Maneroo is clear that, with or without pills, the fundamental thing is to be clear that, indeed, you want to lose weight: “The key is to think why we are like this, to plan a change in lifestyle. If we cannot alone, we should ask for help. It is also convenient to solve problems that may be affecting us, such as alterations in mood. “

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